Cloud Telephony & E-Commerce Companies.

Cloud Telephony & E-Commerce Companies.

Today, most of the companies are opting cloud telephony for its several advantages. Therefore, it has become an essential thing to know about the cloud telephony system.

Before proceeding further, let us see what is Cloud Telephony Solution?

What is Cloud Telephony?

The cloud telephony is also known as hosted telephony which refers to the replacement of conventional business telephone equipment to the telecommunications applications where both storage and switching are provided by the third-party, offering their services from outside of the organization and they are accessible via calls.

Organizations can easily go for cost cuttings with cloud telephony solutions without sacrificing their features. After knowing about the cloud communication services now, let us see how does it work?

How does Cloud Telephony Works?

The cloud telephony offers services for managing and maintaining the entire infrastructure of business communication in the cloud and let users access these services from their same office only.

There is no need to install the hardware at the user’s premises which was mandatory in the old PBX telephony. Cloud communication services provides virtual numbers to the company for attending all the outgoing and incoming calls and record them in a single dashboard.

This dashboard has various applications for performing predefined tasks such as send Auto-reply SMS, recording conversations between executives and callers, music on hold, and many more. Recording conversations between executives and callers offer you the opportunity to analyze the calls for better communication.

By going through the concept of cloud telephony, you must be wondering that is it possible to use these services for E-Commerce companies? Yes! It is possible as cloud communication services can easily meet the needs of the e-commerce sector in an effective and efficient manner. Now, let us see how cloud telephony is beneficial for e-commerce sector? Or why it is important for an e-commerce organization to opt cloud telephony services?

Why E-Commerce Company Should Opt Cloud Telephony?

While running an e-commerce company you must be looking for several fruitful ways of handling customers. In this case, you must opt cloud communication services as it provides outstanding call management services for handling customers via calls and SMS. Here are some of the advantages of call management services for your e-commerce company:

  • Gives opportunity to gain customers’ confidence

Just doing some transactions online will not help in gaining customers’ confidence towards the organization. You have to interact with them for solving their queries. Interacting with consumers through phone calls easily gives your customers a sense of confidence in your services after facing a bad experience regarding product damage or any other service-related issues.

Moreover, when you talk personally with the customer and solve their queries, it offers them a positive image of your company. Hence, they will continue buying your product instead of choosing other options. This is the best way for not only creating the organization’s good image among its customers but also achieving customer satisfaction.

  • Scalable & Reliable

While looking at options for managing business calls, you must see if that option offers flexibility or not. Here flexibility means that the facility in which a company can both upscale and downscale the services as per the demand of the business. With the help of such a facility, you can raise the number of employees during peak season as well as reduce the employee numbers during the off season. It not only assists in saving costs during the off season but also ensures maximum sales during peak season.

With MCube X, you can easily upscale and downscale the services according to your needs. It is scalable up to 5 to 50,000 employees which clearly shows that you need not worry about missing business calls after installing it at once.

  • There is no maintenance cost

At times organization spends a high value just for maintaining the cloud telephony software. They think that it is worth paying a big amount for maintaining their software as they have to take a lot of work out of it. But reality is different! You don’t have to spend a single rupee for the maintenance of MCube.

  • Call recordings helps in creating a long-lasting relationship with the client

Mostly business gets closed because they lose their clients at a short period of time and they are not able to attract new clients as it is five times more costly. As an e-commerce company, you can’t afford to lose those customers which can become your brand loyal.

In order to retain the existing one, it is essential for you to improve your interaction by using call recording. It will help you in getting insight into the interactions between your executives and clients, which will benefit you in knowing exactly what customer needs. Moreover, you will get to know about various areas where you need to work on.

  • Saves your precious time by forwarding calls at the right department

In case you come across a situation when your product has any defect or your delivery man has made the wrong delivery, your caller can easily connect to the right departments. It will help you in saving a lot of time as only the right person will be handling the calls and rest staff will focus on the core work.

  • Grants opportunity to serve your customer in all 365 days

The e-commerce organizations are available for its customers in all 365 days and so are we. You can take advantage of all our services in the whole seven days a week; our executives will answer your calls at any time. By adding an IVR system (Interactive Voice Response) you will open your company with automated call managing service in which a recorded voice will greet your callers politely and offers them the option to hear the recorded information regarding common queries.

  • SMS Updates can enhance your service quality

As an e-commerce organization, it is significant for your company to ensure the maximum quality service as this is the only way to gain the trust of the consumer and therefore, it is advisable that you must not compromise with the quality of your services.

Sometimes, the deliveries get late due to some reasons, which can upset your customer. But if you keep on updating the details then it will not annoy them and most of the time people also forgive the delays if they are informed earlier via SMS or calls.

  • You will not come across any hidden charges!

In many organizations, it has seen that after using the services the client had to pay extra money due to hidden charges. While using our services you will not see any hidden charges as we don’t have the policy of hidden charges. You will pay exactly what is decided before you take our call management services.

Wrapping Up!

Experts also state that the sector which is highly benefited from the cloud telephony is the e-commerce industry. Hence, if you are running an e-commerce organization, you must get cloud telephony and take the above-mentioned advantages. And now, scrutinize the google search engine and contact us as we offer our fruitful services at an affordable price!

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