MCUBE Track allows you to distribute and transfer all inbound calls to the concerned executive on both mobile and landline numbers. It make sure that the right person is attending every lead. Also allows you to recording all the inbound calls for further analysis and conversion of leads in to customers in the best possible manner.

Live caller tracking

MCUBE Track provides you all the necessary details about the caller such as number, location, department, etc. while on live call in the dashboard. In some cases, where we have an updated contact list, it also provides name, email-id, etc. on the dashboard. It lets you know the source of the caller whether they are calling directly or through IVRS or through some advertisement or through some digital marketing campaign, or etc.

Systematic call routing

MCUBE Track call routing features enables you to use four different routing rules namely sequential, weighted, priority and parallel. Sequential routing allows even distribution of incoming calls among executives. Weighted routing allows you direct some percentage of the total incoming to a particular
executive. Priority based routing enable you to route all call to skilled executive first and then to other executive. Parallel routing technique directs incoming call to 3 random executive at once, which ever available executive can take the call.

Have an intelligent Auto-attendant.

Our auto-attendant politely greets the customers and offers them adequate solutions for their basic queries such as getting bills information, etc. Therefore, the customer doesn’t have to connect with the executives every time for getting the basic inquires or giving feedback of the company.

Reduce risks of missing calls

MCUBE track provide solutions miss call alert solution so that you never miss a business call. With MCUBE track you get details of incoming, and missed calls on the dashboard which makes it easier to make follow-up on your missed business calls.

MCUBE track dashboard

MCUBE track provides you with a dashboard that shows day wise, week wise and month wise inbound call details. It provides you information about all attended calls, miss call, total call, unique call, follow up the remainder, region, employee, group-based call report, Landing Number Status, etc. Displays graphical representation of call details. The inner dashboard of the MCUBE track provides detailed caller information such as the location of the caller, call duration, call status, landing number, executive number, executive name, etc.

Follow up reminder

Follow up shows you are interested, serious, and reliable, it also makes the customer feel valued. Following up your customers is the most important part of your existing customers or potential leads. Following up is simple with MCUBE track’s follow up reminder. Just schedule the reminders and manage all of your follow up list. You can set either SMS or email or call for follow up purposes.

Call recording

MCUBE track allows you to record all the inbound calls which can be easily retrieved and playback to assist with service quality monitoring. Offers capability of categorizing recordings based on a number of different criteria including duration of calls, time, date, or who took the call. Call recording feature can boost the end user’s sales conversions, ensure any misunderstandings made over the phone over any payment transactions, orders taken, deliveries scheduled, or trades.

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