Transfer all your business calls to any location or person or department with call transferring from MCUBE X. On our platform, call forwarding not only includes the ability to forward inbound calls to a 10-digit number. Executive or users can transfer calls through our portal or by entering a code from the phone itself.

Smart Integration

MCUBE X is a cloud telephony system feature that works by transferring or redirecting any incoming call to another phone number or service. It can be configured with both new and existing mobiles and landline systems. MCUBE X not only has the ability to forward inbound calls to a 10-digit number but also the ability to forward to another extension. MCUBE X offers connection with unlimited number of department, employees via an extension for easy call transfer.

Faster resolution and less manual effort

MCUBE X call transferring eliminates the need for agents to manually hand over the phone to another agent/department. Calls are transferred to the concerned department or employees directly via extensions.

Flexibility and Mobility

MCUBE X offers flexible call answering and transferring ability. For instance, if there is an incoming call and you are not able to pick up to answer, then the call automatically transfers to other executive or department all together via extension. In some cases, you pick up the phone to announce, and transfer the call to other colleague or department. MCUBE also offers mobility so that your staff can work from any location and never miss a call. It eliminates the dependency on fixed landline systems to attend calls and brings mobility in the team working.

Transfer extension

MCUBE X offer two call transferring option. One “*” followed by an extension number where if an inbound call requires further clarification or he has called you by mistake or call has landed to different department, then the executive who has received the call can dial the extension and talk to concerned executive or department about the quires and then transfer the customer’s call. Whereas with ‘#’ followed by extension number you can blindly transfer inbound call to concerned executive or department.

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