MCUBE Auto dialer feature allows you to automatically dial phone number from the list. Auto dialer accepts a list of phone numbers either by manual entry or through a spreadsheet or through an integration with a database. After the customers list is fed in the auto dialer, it first connects the call to the executive after he picks up the call then auto dialer connects the call for the customer. This process repeats itself till the customer list completes.

Call Assignment

MCUBE’s auto dialer lets you assign calls for different executive with two assignment rule namely run time and static. With Run time assignment, you can randomly assign outbound call to any number of executive. Whereas static assignment, you can assign outbound call to specific executive with the click of a button.

Save Executive Time

Auto dialer ensure faster and error free dialing of outbound calls which in turn saves time rather than manual dialing. Number of call made by the executive significantly increases with auto dialer and there by resulting in more sales.

Empower your Executive

Auto dialer lets you assign waiting time period for each executive after every call, as continuous call will strain the executive. It also lets you provide retry attempts and retry time to customer who are busy or don’t pick call.

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