MCube IVRS is an automated interactive communication system that integrates seamlessly with MCube X or MCube Track to connect with customers through a series of pre-programmed interactions.

Multiple IVRS

Get an option to add multiple IVRS so that it becomes easier to bifurcate the calls. It helps in offering uninterrupted and fast support to the clients by answering all the calls efficiently. It also assists in enhancing personalized consumer experience within a short span of time.

Provide automated helpline

Offer your customers an automated helpline to guide them for connecting with the right person to solve the queries. It can also help your callers to leave a voicemail for giving feedback or leaving any other query. It aids in delivering superior quality customer services in an easier manner.

Have sophisticated telephony system

Give your company a sophisticated telephony system by integrating MCube IVRS with MCube X or MCube Track on a single number. It helps in providing your organization an expertise of call management system, just like all the large-scale companies possess.

Build telesite

Help your customer in informing them about your organization, guide them for getting the required information and connect your customer with the executive or get an automated information for them. It assists in offering a tranquil experience to you and your customers.

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