IVR stands for Interactive voice response. It is a computerized telephony system that allows to interact with callers enabling them to make choices using spoken or typed commands on the telephone keypad. MCube IVR is an automated interactive communication system that integrates seamlessly with MCube X or MCube Track to connect with customers through a series of pre-programmed interactions. MCUBE’s IVR is suitable for both new and established businesses. IVR software enables the use of prerecorded greetings or menu options as well.

Multi-Level IVR

Multi-level Interactive voice response address specific requirements and needs of caller. It allows numerous stages of input prompts for the callers so that the caller is routed more accurately. MCUBE’s multilevel IVR lets you play different hold music, record greeting, provide information about current promotions and upcoming events creating positive impression. Multi-level IVR system helps to eliminate customer call waiting times and call hang ups.

Provide automated helpline

IVR system’s inbound call capabilities enables purchase mobile plans, services, utilities, etc. with just IVR system without any human intervention. It also enables users to retrieve information such as product details, order status, bank balances, flight schedules, movie show times, and more with a phone/mobile. IVR is capable of making outbound calls such as gathering or delivering information for appointments, past due bills, etc.

Have sophisticated telephony system

Give your company a sophisticated telephony system by integrating MCube IVRS with MCube X or MCube Track on a single or multiple toll free number. MCUBE’s IVR system enables you to integrate single or multiple number to one toll free number. It helps in providing your organization an expertise of call management system which effortlessly manages all inbound and outbound calls. With MCUBE’s IVR system increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Build telesite

IVR software enables you to provide prerecorded greeting with prompts for customers which can be accessed through phone’s keypad. IVR guide’s customer to get connected to concerned executive or get an automated information through it. It assists in offering a tranquil experience to you and your customers.

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