MCUBE Autodialer

Immerse your customer with Intelligent Routing, SIP Trunking & Thorough Reporting

Connect your customers to the right agent at the right time with a personalized, omnichannel solution.

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MCUBE autodialer effortlessly reaches more customers & maximises agent productivity

MCUBE Autodialer allows you to dial multiple numbers from the list automatically accepting a list of phone numbers, either by manual entry or through a spreadsheet or an integration with a database. After the customers’ list is entered it connects the call to the executive. After the executive picks up the call, the Autodialer connects the call with the customer. This process repeats itself till the customer- list gets completed.

Our autodialers can be programmed to dial numbers sequentially or randomly, and can also be set up to automatically leave a pre-recorded message for the recipient if no one answers the call. We can also customize them to automatically switch to a live operator if the recipient presses a certain button on their phone.

Key Features We Offer

MCUBE Autodialers can help improve the efficiency of your business’s call campaigns. Because they are able to dial numbers quickly and automatically, and leave pre-recorded messages, they can reach a large number of people in a short amount of time. This can help you get more out of your call campaigns and improve your chances of making successful connections with potential customers.

Our MCUBE Autodialer features can help businesses and organizations efficiently manage their outbound calling campaigns and improve their customer service.

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Call Assignment

Assign calls for different executives with two rules named runtime and static. With runtime assignment, you can randomly assign outbound calls to any number of executives. Whereas in static assignment, you can assign outbound calls to a specific executive with the click of a button.

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Click To Call

This solution is a quick & easy to use customer service tool that can be installed on a website or mobile app allowing customers to reach businesses instantly by submitting their contact number. The customers receive a call back within seconds.

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Automated Dialing

The auto dialer automatically dials the list of numbers provided, saving time and effort compared to manual dialing.

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Pre-Recorded Messages

The autodialer allows the caller to record a message in advance, which will be played to the recipient when the call is answered.

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Systematic Call Routing

MCUBE autodialers can route calls to specific individuals or departments based on the recipient’s response to the pre-recorded message. For example, the caller can route calls to a sales representative if the recipient expresses interest in the offer, or to a customer service representative if the recipient has a question or concern.

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Call Tracking and Reporting

Our autodialers typically come with built-in tracking and reporting tools that allow the caller to monitor the success of the call campaign. This may include metrics such as the number of calls made, the number of answered calls, the number of sales made, and the response rate to the pre-recorded message.

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Personalization Corresponding Requirement

Our autodialers allow the caller to personalize the pre-recorded message with the recipient’s name or other information, which can help increase engagement and improve the effectiveness of the call campaign.

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Integration With CRM

MCUBE’s autodialers can be integrated with customer relationship management (CRM) systems, allowing the caller to access and update customer information in real-time during the call. This can be useful for tracking customer interactions and maintaining accurate records.

Benefits You Enjoy

Our autodialer is an effective tool used in telemarketing and customer service to automatically dial phone numbers and play recorded messages or connect the call to a live agent. Autodialers can significantly improve the efficiency of outbound calling campaigns by allowing businesses to contact a large number of individuals in a short amount of time.

Some benefits of using an autodialer include:


Increased Productivity

With an autodialer, agents can spend more time speaking with customers and less time manually dialing numbers. This can lead to a higher number of completed calls and improved efficiency.


Improved Call Quality

Autodialers can automatically screen calls and route them to the appropriate agent based on their skills and availability. This can lead to better customer experiences and more effective calls.


Enhanced Data Collection and Analysis

Autodialers can collect data on calls, such as the duration of each call and the outcome of the call. This data can be used to improve future calling campaigns and to identify areas for improvement.


Reduced Call Abandonment

Autodialers can automatically leave pre-recorded messages or connect callers to the next available agent, reducing the number of abandoned calls. This can improve the overall customer experience and increase the likelihood of making a sale or gaining a new customer.