Jaipuria Institute

of Management

Jaipuria Institute of Management Perks Up Proficiency & Tracks Productivity with MCUBE’s Cloud Call Management System

MCUBE’s Cloud-Based Telephony Promotes Propulsion of Improved Functionality & Easier Connectivity for Jaipuria Institute of Management with Assistance from Inbound & Outbound Call Supervision.

Jaipuria Institute of Management: An Introduction

Imparting education has been the prime impetus for Jaipuria Institute of Management, bestowing this legacy on to them by educationist, industrialist and social worker Padma Bhushan Seth Mungturam Jaipuria decades ago. Jaipuria Institute of Management can be considered as an elite and esteemed bough of the dendriform called Seth M. R. Jaipuria Schools. Jaipuria Institute of Management envisions a learning-centric education system that can expand the student minds to perceive participative decision making & consciousness in quality analysis. Propagating a leading educational establishment like Jaipuria Institute of Management needed a dependable & proficient cloud telecommunication system like MCUBE to provide a seamless platform for communicating with students & parents. The recent association of Jaipuria Institute of Management with MCUBE has already favoured the educational titan in numerous ways.

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Initial Challenges Faced by Jaipuria Institute of Management

Proper communication & information exchange becomes vital when it comes to admitting students to the appropriate educational institute. Jaipuria Institute of Management contemplate on various challenges pertaining to enhancement in admission rates and sought MCUBE’s support.


  1.  Inconveniency in diverting calls to specialized counselors.
  2.  Difficulty in tailing all missed calls by the counselors.
  3.  Struggle with tracking the inbound & outbound calls for monitoring purposes.
  4.  Obstacle in viewing real – time data insight.

Initial Requirement of Jaipuria Institute of Management

Maintaining the inbound and outbound call trail along with catering to the queries of the students and parents simultaneously can become frenzied for an educational counselor. Jaipuria Institute of Management was inflicted with certain conventional requirements.


  1.  Necessity for suitable inbound & outbound call center for counselors.
  2.  Improvement in operational efficiency and counselor’s throughput.
  3.  Requisite for call monitoring to ensure duration & quality of both inbound and outbound calls.
  4.  Need for simplified yet systematic call routing for dedicated desk.

Solutions Delivered by MCUBE

  1.  Improving counselors’ productivity through seamless integration of CRM application.
  2.  Uninterrupted availability of counselors with customized IVR.
  3.  Standardizing a systematic call recording and monitoring for quality assurance.
  4.  Installation of call monitoring & analysis for tracking counselor’s performance.
  5.  Creation of valuable database for all inbound & outbound calls for future references.
  6.  Elimination the risk of missing out on inbound calls.
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Services of MCUBE used by Jaipuria Institute of Management

  • MCUBE Track

“Our overall experience is great. MCUBE has calibrated our call monitoring and tracking through their call center facilities and we are very happy about it. It’s very rare that we face any difficulty, but even if we do, MCUBE makes sure to resolve it immediately.” – Puneet Saluja – Deputy General Manager – Admissions in Marketing

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