We’re thrilled to announce a suite of innovative features soon to grace the MCUBE 2.0 panel, meticulously crafted to elevate your experience:

⬆️ Bulk Agent Upload: Time is precious, and we’re here to help you save it! Effortlessly onboard multiple agents in one go with our new Bulk Agent Upload feature.

🚪 Logout Reasons: Gain insights like never before with the ability to track why agents are logging out. Understanding your team’s workflow just became a whole lot easier!

⏰ Break Exceed Alerts: Keep tabs on break times with our Break Exceed feature, ensuring your team stays refreshed and ready to tackle what’s ahead.

🔒 Account Code Security: Introducing Account Codes for an added layer of security, guaranteeing that only authorized personnel access critical functions.

📜 Release Notes on MCUBE 2.0: Stay in the loop with all the latest updates and enhancements directly on your MCUBE 2.0 panel.

🌐 IP-Based Login: We’re ramping up security! Enjoy an added peace of mind with IP-Based Login, ensuring secure access from trusted locations.

⏲️ System Idle Time (Admin Configurable): Tailor your system like never before. Admins can now configure system idle times, optimizing performance and security.

🕐 Hourly Agent Report Gets a Colorful Boost!
Understanding agent activity just got a splash of color! Our additional panel in the Hourly Agent Report now uses intuitive colors to indicate agent statuses:

  • Green: Agents who are idle or currently on a call.
  • Yellow: Agents taking a well-deserved break.
  • Red: Agents who haven’t logged in.

🔄 Terminology Update
We believe in clarity and precision. The term “Offline” has been given a little twist and is now represented as “Break” throughout the panel.

📞 Dialer Enhancement
Making outbound calls? We’ve got a tweak for you! Now businesses can effortlessly select between GSM or DID using our newly incorporated drop-down in the dialer.

🛈 Stay Informed with Our Info Icon
A little puzzled about how calls are compared? Just hover over our newly added information icon on the top panels for a clearer understanding of call comparison representation.

🖥 Refreshed Dashboard Experience
Our team has been hard at work refining your user experience. The revamped dashboard now boasts additional panels, shedding light on vital call metrics:

  • Total Calls: Get an instant snapshot of overall call traffic.
  • Total Answered Calls: Gauge your team’s responsiveness.
  • Total Abandoned Calls: Identify potential areas for improvement.
  • Total Live Calls: Stay updated on real-time engagements.

📊 Unified Graph Panels
Seeking comprehensive insights without the clutter? We’ve combined the graph panels in the dashboard, equipping them with multiple filter options. Dive deep into your data with just a few clicks!

👥 Enhanced Agent Oversight
The Agent report panel now effortlessly displays both active and inactive agents, ensuring you have the complete picture at all times.

📈 Call Count Comparison
Track your performance trends effortlessly. With our new feature, you can instantly compare any fluctuations in call counts, helping you strategize better.

🎯 Introducing the Campaign Dashboard
Get an unparalleled overview of your marketing endeavors. Our brand-new Campaign Dashboard provides a visual breakdown of live campaigns and those active over the past week.

🔍 Live Campaigns – At Your Fingertips
Want a closer look at ongoing campaigns? We’ve got you covered! You can now track live campaigns distinctly within the dashboard’s action section.

📞 Dialing Details Just Got Clearer!
Ever found yourself wondering the origin of your calls? Worry not! Our revamped reports now distinctly showcase if the call was made via a Softphone or a Mobile. It’s all about giving you the clarity you deserve.

📊 Dive Deeper with Our Agent Hourly Report!
Understanding agent call metrics just became a breeze. We’ve transformed the Agent Hourly report into a powerhouse of insights, complete with separate tabs for Inbound Calls, Outbound Calls, Served Calls, and even those pesky Abandoned Calls. Navigate with ease, understand better, and optimize effortlessly!

🚫 More Control at Your Fingertips!
We’ve listened to your feedback and guess what? Under the Action button, you can now find a sleek “Disable Calling” option. Manage your calling preferences seamlessly, because you should always be in control.

🔗 Boost Your Efficiency: ZOHO Integration is Here!
To all our CRM aficionados, here’s something to cheer about! We’re thrilled to announce a seamless integration with ZOHO, bridging the gap between top-notch communication and efficient customer management.

Join us on this exhilarating journey, and as always, thank you for being an integral part of our innovation!