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Unleash the power of communication with our call forwarding MCUBE Extension/PBX system

Transfer all your business calls to any location or department or executive with call transferring from MCUBE Extension/PBX. On this platform, call forwarding not only includes the ability to forward inbound calls to a 10-digit number but also by entering the extension code from the phone itself.

MCUBE Extension/PBX allows users to seamlessly transfer incoming calls to another phone number or extension. This can be useful in a variety of situations, such as when a caller needs to be transferred to a specific department or individual within an organization. The feature can be easily configured and used through the MCUBE interface, making it a convenient and efficient tool for managing incoming calls.

Key Features We Offer

Some of the features that are commonly offered by MCUBE Extension/PBX Service includes:

Transfer | MCUBE

Transfer Extension

MCUBE Extension/PBX offers two call transferring choices. The ‘*’ Sign call transfer followed by an extension number is done when the call lands to a different department or the call lands at a separate department by mistake. Whereas with the ‘#’ Sign, followed by an extension number, you can directly transfer that inbound call to the concerned executive or department.

Call Forwarding 1 | MCUBE

Call Forwarding

Call forwarding is an imperative feature of the MCUBE workflow that allows phone calls to be redirected to another phone number or device. When MCUBE’s call forwarding is enabled, incoming calls to the original phone number are automatically routed to the designated forwarding number. This can be useful for businesses that want to redirect calls to an alternative phone number during certain hours or when the main line is busy.

Smart Integration | MCUBE

Smart Integration

MCUBE Extension/PBX is a cloud telephony system feature that is used to transfer or redirect any inbound call to another phone number or service. It can be configured with both new and existing mobile phones and landline systems. This integration can not only forward inbound calls to a 10-digit number but it also holds the ability to forward the calls to another extension or unlimited number of departments, employees via an extension for an easy call transfer.

Call Transfer Framework | MCUBE

Customized Call Transfer Framework

Allow callers to transfer calls to another phone number without speaking to the recipient beforehand, confirm that the recipient is available to take the call before transferring it, transfer the call directly to the recipient’s voicemail box, transfer the call to a group of people, such as a department or team, transfer the call to a phone system feature, such as an automated answering service or simply leave a note or message for the recipient when transferring the call.

Benefits You Enjoy

There are several benefits to using MCUBE Extension/PBX, including:


Increased Flexibility

MCUBE Extension/PBX allows you to redirect calls to any phone number, regardless of location. This can be especially useful for employees who are working remotely or on the go.


Enhanced Productivity

MCUBE’s call forwarding feature can help streamline your team’s workflow by allowing them to focus on their specific tasks without being interrupted by calls that are not relevant to their role.


Cost Savings

With MCUBE Extension/PBX Service, you can reduce the need for multiple phone lines or phone systems, which can save your business money on equipment and maintenance costs.


Improved Call Handling

Ensure calls to be answered promptly and efficiently with MCUBE call transfer solution, which can improve the overall experience for your customers.


Enhanced Communication

An effective call forwarding system can improve communication within your team by allowing team members to share information and collaborate more easily.


Improved Customer Service

MCUBE’s call forwarding feature can help streamline your team’s workflow by allowing them to focus on their specific tasks without being interrupted by calls that are not relevant to their role.


Reduced Missed Calls

Call forwarding ensures that calls are not missed, as they can be redirected to another phone line if the original recipient is unavailable.


Better Teamwork

MCUBE Extension/PBX can help facilitate teamwork and collaboration by allowing calls to be easily routed to the appropriate team member or department.