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MCUBE offers numerous customer relationship management (CRM) tool integrations that help businesses to centralize customer data, make it more accessible to relevant employees, manage interactions with potential as well as existing customers, and track & respond to customer inquiries in real-time. Our contact centre solution, once integrated with these CRM platforms, offers more efficient and effective communication with customers creating targeted marketing campaigns and sales strategies that are more likely to be successful, enabling businesses to better manage and understand their customers, improve communication and customer service, and drive sales and marketing efforts.

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Revolutionary AI-powered sales and marketing automation for seamless lead capture & conversion.

Seamlessly connect your sales and marketing processes with our communication channels enabling your businesses to automate sales & increase communication efficiency. By using LeadSquared and MCube together, you can improve your customer engagement and increase your revenue.
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Empowering businesses with powerful CRM and automation tools

The integration allows businesses to seamlessly connect their CRM data with their communication channels enabling businesses to automate customer service processes, compliance & risk management.

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Integrated suite of business apps for streamlined productivity

A complete suite of business applications that helps businesses streamline their productivity and manage different aspects of their business allowing businesses to seamlessly connect their business apps with their communication channels, which enables businesses to improve their communication efficiency and customer engagement.

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