What Are the Respective Usages of Typical Call Forwarding Feature?

August 4, 2022

The call forwarding feature can be a lifesaver for businesses. It allows you to route calls to the appropriate person or department, even when unavailable. The call forwarding service is a phone feature that allows users to forward incoming calls to another phone number, usually when the user is not able to answer the phone. Using a call forwarding system includes answering calls even when you are not near your phone and forwarding calls to another phone number in case of an emergency.

What Does Call Forwarding System Work for your Business?

The corporate world widely uses the call forwarding system to enhance its customer experience and handle customer support service in a better way. Let’s look at the various methods of call forwarding in business telecommunication.

Inbound callers can be forwarded to another phone number- This is the most common scenario in which call forwarding is used. For example, if you have an office phone and a personal phone, you can forward your office phone calls to your phone so that you don’t miss any important calls.

Forward calls to multiple phone numbers- Another common scenario is forwarding calls to multiple phone numbers, such as your office, home, and mobile phones. This way, you can ensure you don’t miss any important calls regardless of where you are.

Calls can be forwarded to an answering service- This is useful for businesses that want to ensure that they never miss a call, even if they are closed or unavailable. By forwarding calls to an answering service, you can ensure that every call is answered and dealt with promptly.

Types of Call Forwarding

With the call forwarding feature, you can easily do the following functions on your business phone system.

Inward call forwarding –  All the calls received on your business number are forwarded to another desired number.

Outward call forwarding – All the calls made from a particular number are forwarded to another desired number.

Call waiting – The facility put an incoming caller on hold to attend to another call that is already in progress.

Call rejection – The facility rejects an incoming call so that it goes directly to voicemail.

Respective Usages of Typical Call Forwarding Feature | MCUBE

Various Usage of Call Forwarding Feature

Increase in Agent Availability – Apart from taking several calls, the agents also need to work on some other official work which is impossible to take care of with constant calls coming through the line. Call forwarding redirects the calls to another agent or department as per the requirement in case the concerned agent is working on something else. Call forwarding solution is also useful for the agent to take a small breather in between calls and compose themselves for the next client in a more prepared way.

Intelligent Rerouting of Calls – Once the call forwarding system is installed, you do not need to monitor any customizations you made during the installation. The intelligent rerouting system of the call forwarding feature automatically redirects incoming calls as per your specifications, saving time and minimizing constant supervision.

Scope for Multitasking – The call forwarding solutions in India are very useful in allowing agents to multitask. Agents can take time off calling and work on research or update the database while the calls are rerouted to other available lines without the customer waiting for hours or the call being dropped or redirected to an automated machine.

The convenience of Preference – We all know that customers love to talk to a human representative rather than talking to an automated voice. With call forwarding, it’s easier to reach an actual person for troubleshooting or query resolution rather than punching numbers with a robot for solutions.


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