Simple Steps to Set Up Toll-Free Call Forwarding Service for Your Business

July 8, 2022

Missing out on important business calls can make a big dent in the overall revenue generation of your company. One missed call can eliminate the possibility of a new lead and a potential prospect or customer. So, keeping traffic-free connectivity on the published or marketed business number becomes of utmost importance. With plenty at stake, dealing with this issue becomes vital for business, and the best solution is enabling the call forwarding Service in your call management system, which can help in forwarding the waiting calls to a different phone number. With respect to implementing the call forwarding feature, it is essential to understand the service in a better way.

What is Call Forwarding?

Call forwarding signifies the process of diverting or re-routing the calls coming from your customers to another number other than the designated number to which they are calling. Call forwarding assists in keeping your business to stay connected with your customers at all times, including instances when your office is closed or has a high call volume or while working remotely. It can be easily deduced that call forwarding is one of the best features that can be implemented for the growth of your customer engagement taken as a part of cloud telephony services in India.

What is Toll-Free Call Forwarding Service?

A toll-free call forwarding service is the same as the conventional call forwarding feature with just a single difference. Here, the calls coming from your customer are forwarded to a toll-free number rather than just any random number. For availing of a toll-free call forwarding service, it is crucial to determine which service provider delivers the best call forwarding services as the rules and configurations needed for effective connectivity will be installed & implemented by an efficient & professional service provider like MCUBE.

Steps to Set Up Toll-Free Call Forwarding Service :-

The basic protocols that any call forwarding feature follows include forwarding the call when the called-up number is busy, not answered, or goes to voicemail or any automated response systems. The calls can be seamlessly forwarded to a single number or multiple numbers. To access these features, the set-up of the toll-free call forwarding service needs to be executed properly. Let’s view the steps that need to be followed.

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1. Receiving access from MCUBE :-

MCUBE provides a wide range of services for cloud telephony, and you can quickly get the call forwarding solution and your toll-free number from them. All you need to do is contact @1800 419 2202 or visit to fix an appointment with a sales executive who can help you further get the service for your business and then support you while receiving the credentials and real-time dashboards that are assigned along with the access to these tools.

2. Logging in to MCUBE Dashboard :–

The next step in the process is to properly login into the MCUBE dashboard so that you can verify the assigned call forwarding feature and whether it’s working properly.

3. Selecting Personalised Options :–

After a successful login to the system, customizing the forwarding options according to your choice and requirement is vital for effective results. As an admin, you can assign after how many rings the call can be forwarded, which number the call is being forwarded to, and whether to forward the calls to single or multiple numbers.

4. Testing the Calls Being Forwarded :–

The final step in the process is to test the call forwarding system before letting the customers use the number so that you can confirm that the system is working well.

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