How Toll Free Number Helps in Enriching Customer Engagement?

June 23, 2022

Celebrated author and customer service & customer experience expert, Shep Hyken quoted, “The best advertising you can have is a loyal customer spreading the word about how incredible your business is.” Customer engagement is one of the essential components of a booming business model. Not just theoretically but even practically, building a strong relationship with one’s customer base establishes trust and loyalty, promoting the brand, generating more sales, and concocting more profit. The term customer engagement in itself is self-explanatory but while defining it technically it means the relationship between a company and its customer based on fostering brand awareness and loyalty.

While customer engagement is vital to the business, it becomes statutory to improve customer engagement. Most businesses depend on marketing methods and social media outreach to build a strong customer engagement but very few business strategists try thinking out of the box. Many of the tools and services used as a part of call management can also provide the doorway to a successful customer engagement and experience. One such service is the Toll-free number.

What is a Toll free Number?

A toll free number is a distinctive telephone number with an apparent three-digit code at the starting of the number which can be used by any consumer to contact the company without incurring any extra charges for placing the call. The three-digit codes can vary according to the area where the toll-free number is being used. For example, toll free numbers in India might have the codes 800, 888, 811, etc.

Benefits of Toll-free Number :-

Toll-free number as a service works just like any normal call functionality with the exception that the call made by the customer using a toll-free number is routed through a cloud telephony terminus like a server which is provided to your business by one of the reputed cloud telephony service providers. The toll free number extends many advantages and features such as call monitoring, call analytics, call recording, etc. which can help in providing insight into decision-making, agent performance, and call quality. Apart from this, below mentioned are a few other aspects of installing a toll-free number that enriches your customer engagement and assists in uplifting your company as a whole.

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Swift Service Deliverance :– 

Recent times crave smart and fast work process and when it comes to customer engagement, quick connectivity with agents and removing communication barriers is of utmost importance. The usage of a toll-free number guarantees that customers do not face wait time while resolving their issues with the business. Specific toll-free numbers can be assigned to specific departments, which eliminates the call connecting and call waiting time for the customer and directly links them to the concerned department or representative rather than wasting time on unnecessary delay.

Cost-Free Call Approachability :– 

Most communication hindrance comes with telephone billings while calling up the business. Customers waver while calling the company may it be for resolving issues, getting new features, or even potential purchases just because of known charges for the call. Installing a toll-free number is the most effective way to clear this hesitation. The number brings confidence into your customer base to call your contact centre without any reluctance.

Elevated Portability Scope :– 

While enhancing your business dominion, geographical locations might be a hindrance in building a new customer base as the connectivity gets affected. Businesses try to establish new local numbers to connect easily with local consumers. But with a toll-free number, the geographical location of your office and coverage of the customer base area does not need any local numbers, and you can easily forward the call to your official contact number without changing the number or you can also assign the same number for various locations without any extra charges.

Customer Convenient Manoeuvres :– 

A toll free number connected to an interactive voice response system can do wonders for your business. Customers need not wait long hours just to get a few simple queries to be resolved by an actual human being. They can also troubleshoot their issues with the help of the IVR system, which makes toll-free numbers very convenient manoeuvres for your customers.

Credible Brand Reputation :– 

Brand reputation is an extremely delicate aspect of business growth. Changing your contact information as per different locations can imbibe doubt from your customer base. A toll-free vanity number can help in making your customer realize the responsibility and commitment of your organization. A dedicated toll-free number ensures a trustworthy reputation and high customer engagement.


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