Why Toll Free Number Is Prevalent in The Hospitality Industry?

November 23, 2022

In the current era of omnichannel information exchange, we have seen remarkable growth in customer service through social media or email communication and live agent channels used by the hotel industry to engage customers. However, people are still accustomed to enquiring via calls before and after making reservations. Therefore, a toll-free number with effective call management solutions remains the most strong preference for the hospitality industry.

How Does Toll Free Number Help in Managing Call Effectively in Hospitality Industry?

A toll-free number has expanded the base of hotels worldwide as the knowledge about stay packages, details about local, national, and international travel & much more can easily be accessed by contacting the hotel team anytime from anywhere. Not only that, there are hotel chains that announce new offers regularly, so people can keep in touch and remain constantly updated. The toll-free number in India comes with a complete call management solution for maintaining goodwill and helping in finding loyal customers in the hospitality business. Nowadays, Toll free numbers are equipped with IVR, call routing, CRM integrations, and call tracking systems to manage the call effectively. The best part about it is the 24×7 customer service available for quick query re-address, which improves the brand reputation. Also, a seamless and convenient customer experience makes your hotel stand apart in the industry.

Why does the Hospitality Industry Need Toll Free Numbers?

Cost – Effectiveness & Rewarding Service When we are talking about the service industry, we must consider the cost applied. Contemplating its rich features, the toll-free number is a viable option as it doesn’t require hardware tools and is easy to access from anywhere. It also increases the call volume and tracks down different marketing campaigns with dedicated numbers. Maximum uptime, robust infrastructure & maintaining outstanding customer experience is easily achieved through cloud communication. Suitable call management solution such as toll-free number also provides call forwarding to ensure real-time analytics so that no guests feel ignored. It also facilitates routing by connecting incoming calls to any configured device easily. A toll-free number is always a preferable option for customers while contacting businesses. It directly gets connected to the concerned staff of the hotel, so the chance of conversation is higher. Since nowadays toll-free numbers are integrated with multi-channel call service, the customers interested in making reservations do not need to wait long for their turn, indicating negligible chances of losing potential leads. So having a toll-free number will boost your business sales and engage your potential leads effectively. Furthermore, customers remain more interested in knowing about great offers or festival package updates for better deals on their itineraries. They contact the marketing team and can eventually convince them of profitable offers by highlighting the benefits and providing high-quality potential prospects. Most customers hesitate to call on numbers that are liable to cost, but a toll-free number elevates sales most effectively.

Benefits of using toll-free number

Enhanced Customer Experience :-

The possibility of quick re-address of issues and 24*7 availability offers customers the best-in-class experience. Even before reservations, the customers can connect with the staff through the toll-free number. Furthermore, repeated guests can show their happiness with the services as it enhances the customer experience by offering flexibility to guests by calling quickly. Through toll-free numbers, every guest feels special as they have someone who will hear their problems and suggestions and solve them quickly.

Instant Reachability for Customers :-

Toll-free number plays the role of multi-channel communication through which customers quickly book their stays, check in, & instantly contact the hotel regarding any issue they face. A toll free number facilitates the best call management by building an excellent reputation. It easily lets people immediately connect with agents to resolve their issues, improving engagement and customer satisfaction rates. The call-forwarding feature guarantees seamless connectivity for the customer no matter where the agent is located.

Assists in Optimising Marketing Strategies :-

Displaying a toll free number in your marketing channel attracts more customer attention and adds brand value to your business. The toll-free number gives the correct sequence of customers and acts as a catalyst in marketing by accelerating sales at a significant level. The marketing team can use it in the proper manner for making strategies. With the help of an extension, toll-free numbers can be put in different marketing channels like social media, search engine portals, and other mediums for tracking and monitoring the effectiveness of the campaigns. Toll-free phone numbers have proved to be more than a means of communication for businesses. Regardless of industry, they are a great marketing tool that can help your business stand out from its competition. So, why wait? Let customers reach you via a Toll-free Number from MCUBE.


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