Maximizing Admission in Education with the power of Auto Dialer

March 14, 2023

From ancient times, the education sector has been the foundation of society. Even the great revolutionary leader, Nelson Mandela, said, “Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world”. With each passing day, we are getting close to new technologies, innovations, and modifications in every department of the education sector. As with these innovations, we have introduced cloud telephony Auto Dialer to provide them with an excellent opportunity to cope with the present-day demands and lead to smooth flow in the operating mode for grant educational services.

From previous years we have seen education now switched to e-learning, where no one waits for results, for standing at the admission desk, facing long queues, handful members of supporting faculty for thousands of students that leads to rush. We moved from the traditional PBX network to cloud telephony Autodialer services, providing excellent support management and interactive call responses.

Let’s understand auto dialer their features in a more precise manner:

Run Admission Campaigns- Auto Dialer proves to be an effective way as they run various admission campaigns simultaneously by appointing virtual members to handle every marketing campaign; through this, you can reduce the time and burden of calling everyone regarding new updates. Through this automated campaign, the thousands of interested parents and students who want to take admission or not will simultaneously get the message or admission prospectus.

Auto Dialer campaigns filter out high-potential leads with higher conversion rates in sound efficiency.

Auto Feedback from Parents and Students- As we know, in the Education sector, there are thousands of parents and students associated; for managing their grievances, it becomes difficult to handle all this that leads to a down school image in this sector. Auto Dialer provides instant solutions with a CRM-bound automation facility; it will keep you close to feedback from every parent and student so that you can work on this and make it right.

Benefits of autodialer

Auto Dialer, though, keeps track of all information of any particular individual, so agents would become relaxed and focus on working on that feedback rather than calling everyone and writing that feedback.

Reduce Costs and Increase the productivity of Agents- Auto Dialer software is the most affordable and reduces the cost of agents as they are dialing manually from the database, but now it will be automatic that includes all information; if lines become busy interactive call responses follow it as there is a predictive dialer that sets minutes for particular agents to deal with it, like after 4 minutes it will dial the following number automatically. Through this system, you can easily track marketing agents, like how much time he spends on call to measure the day’s productivity easily. It also records all calls that you can see performance and prove to be training material for new marketing members.

Unified Reports Platforms- By dealing with leads, the major problem arises in identifying genuine ones and through this as it already filters out and also prepares reports of that leads with all details so we can quickly contact them regarding any procedures. As in today’s busy life, parents want to avoid repeatedly visiting their children’s reports, as the Auto Dialer system automatically prepares and sends their parent’s mail simultaneously. It will lead to real-time monitoring of all information.

Simplify Academic Approaches- Mostly, parents are working and cannot regularly attend pm, so the Auto Dialer system will send regular academic reports with all recommendations that will save time and make parents more reliable.

What are you waiting for? Make your education institutions shine and reach greater heights quickly with our cloud telephony Auto Dialer software with IVR, power and predictive dialers, etc.

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