What are the Different Types of The Best Toll Free Number and How to Select One for Your Business?

April 6, 2022
Best Toll Free Number

MCUBE offers The Best Toll Free Number to improve customer communication and promote customer satisfaction. Ensuring that your customers are being met with their expectations while they are considering doing business with your enterprise is one of the vital accomplishments of any enterprise. Knowing and understanding more about your customer is the perfect way to determine their needs and anticipations and the correct way to achieve an outstanding customer service support system. From a marketing perspective, you can always ask your team, and yourself questions such as who our targeted customers are, their base market, whether our product or service meets their needs, and so on. Still, interaction with the customer directly can enhance the chances of reachability. Streamlining your business communication seamlessly and effectively requires the best cloud telephony solutions, such as toll free numbers.

Most of us know what a toll-free number is but the simplest explanation of a toll-free number is a freephone number that does not incur any charges from the caller upon calling the number. The beauty of the best toll free number is numerous. They are very easy to remember, and customers can easily dial the number after seeing it once in a marketing campaign. Toll-free numbers bring recognition to your business, boost brand recall and expand the business reach without difficulty. Due to its free-of-charge call connectivity feature, the toll free number improves the marketing campaign’s return on investment. A toll free number can be classified under virtual numbers, for which reason portability becomes very easy. In case of a location change of an organisation, the portability option allows the business to keep the existing numbers without the need to switch to another phone number.

Electing The Best Toll Free Number :-

Every business has its own unique requirements that need to be met, and identifying which type of toll-free number best synthesises & contributes to your business interest is the trick. Let’s look into the different kinds of the best toll free number in detail to understand their implementation.

1. Vanity Numbers :–

A vanity number is also known as a customised, the best toll free number that contains an easily recognisable numeric pattern or spelling that means something and adds value to the branding of the enterprise. These numbers can be easily remembered and act as direct response tools in advertising. For example, an educational institute can easily opt for a vanity number and sequence the numbers in such a way that the combination looks like 1-800-EDU-ACED, which can represent that this number is for an educational query as signifies the quality of education provided at the institute. The vanity number can become a clever representation of both the brand and distinction.

2. Universal International Free Phone Numbers :–

The Universal International Free Phone Number (UIFN) is a global toll-free number that can be applied to multiple countries without incurring any charges from the customer. It becomes easier for customers in different countries to dial the same number, and the company does not need to invest in different phone numbers for each country with a branch. This boosts the demographic reach for any multinational company focusing on further expansion. The only downside to UIFN can be its recognition as a toll free number for the localities of other countries. If you are getting a UIFN number, it might be a good idea to get strong marketing on the free-of-charge calling potential on the number through cloud telecommunication features such as click-to-call or social media platforms.

3. International Toll Free Numbers :–

An international toll-free number improves your global reach, and customers around the world can connect to your company free of charge. For example, suppose your headquarters are located in India, and you have a toll free number in India. In that case, your customers in England or Germany can easily dial the same number, and the call can be forwarded to the head office in India. An international toll-free number maximises your reachability and helps your company build a global presence.

4. Domestic Toll-Free Numbers :–

The most common category is the domestic or local toll-free number which facilitates communication throughout the country. Domestic toll-free numbers can be used from any device, including mobile phones, payphones, landlines, etc., but only within the nation.


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