Why Should You Get a Call Forwarding Feature?

May 5, 2022
Call Forwarding Feature

Ben Horowitz, businessman & author, once said, “As a company grows, communication becomes its biggest challenge.” The notion is both true and emergent when it comes to enhancing the customer experience and team collaborations. Factors like customer acquisition and retention both heavily depend on the level of business communication and call management system for a flourishing enterprise. Considering all of these aspects, call management tools such as call forwarding might be the perfect solution for recuperating the telecommunication approach towards evolving the business phone system and customer satisfaction.

The fundamental of the call forwarding feature is pretty simple. It allows incoming calls to be forwarded or redirected to an alternate number that can be answered promptly. Call forwarding has always been a part of the phone features, but with cloud telephony, the sophistication and intricacy of the call forwarding feature have improved drastically. Call forwarding has progressed into one of the most helpful business phone management implementations through the multiple set-up criteria, which include communication complications such as busy call lines, unable to answer, and calls at particular timings like recurring schedules, date ranges, etc. Missing out on any business or sales calls becomes impossible with an effective call forwarding system.

Traditional call forwarding involved transferring the calls from one department to another, which became hectic for the customer and became a major factor in losing potential business prospects & leads. But with the new and advanced call forwarding solution, even receiving calls while working remotely has become a possibility. In recent times when remote work is much-preferred then actually being in the office, call forwarding has become imperative to business telecommunication routines.

Here are a few other important benefits of call forwarding that influences your customer engagement.

Better Support Availability :– 

As mentioned earlier, the most important feature of a cloud call forwarding solution is making the company available for its customers 24×7. Most leads and potential customers call during weekends or holidays while the offices remain closed. For most industries, weekends and holidays are the perfect times for a customer to know about your product/services and call regarding enquires and even potential subscriptions. However, regular offices remain closed during this time, impacting the company’s sales by missing out on important calls. The call forwarding feature assists the company in these unavoidable circumstances. All you need to do is install the call forwarding feature and customise the calls to be directed either sequentially or scenario-based. You can either set the calls to be routed to a mobile number or personal number during closed office hours or forward the call to a voice response informing the customer to call back at a certain time. This process helps minimise the wait time for the customer and increases the satisfaction level with the proper information or instant connectivity.

Increased Employee Mobility :– 

The recent trend in work culture is to work from home, and both employees and businesses benefit from remote workspaces. In such a scenario, call forwarding becomes a boon to both the company and its clientele. Employees can easily route their official numbers to their cell phone numbers, increasing their mobility and reducing communication gaps. Special customers can be pampered with this feature by personalising their call forwarding feature to the employee already dealing with them so that every time the customer calls, they can get the same agent to take care of the issue without wasting any time in describing the problem to another agent, getting their calls unanswered or simply waiting for the office to reopen.

Expanded Company Presence :– 

Call forwarding is what you need if you have a vision of taking your company into the global arena. You can assign a local or toll-free number to various geographical areas and forward the calls from multiple numbers to a centralised business switchboard or phone line. This allows your company to expand your company’s presence and helps the customer to remain connected with you. More people prefer to call local or toll-free numbers rather than long-distance calls, which might incur additional charges for them.

Stellar Customer Service :– 

It has become obvious with the above-mentioned benefits that the call forwarding feature benefits not only the company but also the customers. When you as a business do not miss out on any of the calls, customer satisfaction is bound to elevate along with customer engagement. Also, when call forwarding is integrated with an effective CRM, and a toll-free number is added to the equation, the customers benefit by getting connected to the business, resolving their issues quicker and getting stellar customer service simultaneously.


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