All You Need to Know About the Benefits of Missed Call Service

April 29, 2022
Missed Call Service

A successful business attains hassle-free and consistent customer service along with obligated product/service relevance. Customer satisfaction is achieved through various ways including flawless communication, communication booster tools, seamless coordination of internal teams focusing on customer interest, recording & monitoring of interactions and much more. One such innovative tool is the missed call service which can be easily considered the fastest and most reliant way of reaching engrossed leads, fascinated prospects and even captivated existing customers. The missed call service not only assists in generating new leads but upselling to existing customers is also effortless.

For a layman missed call service might mean a free, convenient and simple interface to communicate with the company but for a professional marketer, missed call service or marketing can become an effective marketing technique. The customer chooses to call the company which eliminates the intrusion part in comparison to other marketing practices such as outbound calling, advertising and service/product promotions. The buying intention of the customer becomes clear and campaigns become very easy to establish, monitor and analyse. Obtaining the missed call service for your business from top service providers of missed call service is quite convenient & simple as well.

Apart from serving as an effective marketing tool, let’s look at a few other benefits of missed call service that justifies its importance.

Customer Connectivity Convenience :–

Reachability to the business is one of the most important factors for a customer when it comes to trust. Building a customer conviction can become a strong foundation for making your place in the market. Missed call service connects the customer to your business from anywhere at any time which gives the customers a compelling reason to choose you over others in the market. Businesses must stay connected with their customers and missed call marketing, lets you be in touch with your subscribers through operational directs such as lead generation, feedback and surveys, user registration, etc.

Extensive Business Reachability :–

Customers tend to get attracted to cost-effective and free of cost services/products more. The missed call service is entirely free of charge solution for the customer where all they need do is give a single ring on a published number and wait to get a customised call back to resolve their query and issues. The published number can also be a toll-free number which can further indicate that there is no cost involved in any way. These factors contribute to increasing the customer base and grasping more than just the local market. Missed call service helps you reach globally without any restrictions on getting customers from various countries and offering extensive business reachability.

Real-time Data Collection :–

Information is power and real-time data in your hand helps you keep total control over your budget and operations. Missed call solution makes it much easier to collect real-time data through seamless integration with CRM. The customer need not fill out any lengthy forms for your company to get the customer data, all they need to do is give a single missed call and the server automatically saves & updates the information in the CRM. Crucial customer data is preserved without any extra charges to the company or the customer.

Customer-Centric Approach :–

Due to the integration with CRM, the customer can provide a single ring and get personalised service from the company through missed call solution. Even though the customer might have a minor query or issue to be resolved, calling back and offering a free of charge service motivates the customer to listen to further branding pitches and more custom-tailored assistance. The automatic reply feature in missed call service where the customer gets acknowledgement about their call received in their local language can also build a personal connection.

Effortless Campaign Tracing & Analysis :–

When you are looking for a successful business model, tracking, monitoring and analysis of data responsible for the overall growth of the company starting with the sales data to expense reports becomes one of the fundamental methods. Missed call solution gets a comprehensive and complete report of the campaign on a real-time dashboard where monitoring calls on a daily or weekly or monthly or yearly basis is just a few clicks away. More useful information such as the area of the caller, the product/service that he/she is interested in and other useful data can be retrieved from this dashboard.

Improved Customer Acquisition and Retention :–

As discussed earlier, missed call service acts as an excellent marketing tool which helps in lead generation because capturing the details of the caller in a database for specified campaigns and targeting them as potential prospects and leads becomes an easy process. This improves the customer acquisition rate. Customer retention is also increased as customers can get in touch with an actual company representative at the convenience of their house without costing a buck and without any wait time.


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