7 Ways Call Tracking Enhances Your Lead Conversion

April 22, 2022
Call Tracking

When you are looking forward to running a successful business, it is vital to be equipped with an interactive and user-friendly website and some distinguished functional tools that can help in customer acquisition, retention and overall growth of the organization. Potential leads and even existing customer engagement are crucial to optimizing business success. Targeting potential leads and lead conversion becomes an integral part of improving sales. A call tracker is one such tool that understands the necessity of information for a successful marketing campaign. Call tracking assists in gathering and analyzing customer information & data as well as determining how the callers have found your business.

The fact that businesses and consumers still prefer calling businesses directly is undeniable. Some of the customers like to contact the business through other platforms such as social media, websites or text chatting. However, the human tendency implements better trust when the customer interacts with an actual human being over the phone. The call tracking software services improve how businesses serve their customer base and enhance customer satisfaction. The call tracker software is an easy and useful tool which operates effortlessly. Call tracking starts with assigning a local or toll-free number to the business phone, which helps track the customer information (name, contact number, location), source of the caller, call details (date/time, duration of call) and call recordings.

The need for accurate data and access to customer information makes the call tracker an invaluable tool. After a thorough analysis, here are 7 ways in which a call tracker improves your business sales and lead conversion. Let’s check each one in detail.

1. Procurement of Traffic :– 

Enterprises run multiple marketing campaigns for customer acquisition. But keeping track of all the sources can be both challenging and tough. A call tracker identifies which of the pages or platforms are driving the calls and allows marketers to optimize the pages that propel the most potential leads. Knowing the channel of your potential customer base widens not only the prospect of more lead generation but also determines the interest of the customers from the usage of the particular channel. This can significantly make you understand the customer base and help in increasing lead conversion.

2. Improved Customer Support Via DNI :– 

One of the important features of call tracking is Dynamic Number Insertion (DNI). The DNI automatically assigns unique numbers for each visitor based on their source, which eventually facilitates the marketers to accurately determine where the calls are coming from and track multiple customers simultaneously. A single phone number is displayed for each page and links every customer to their lead source. The same number is displayed whenever the visitor comes back to the website at a later time. No matter where the customer has come from, pay-per-click or organic, this process helps in knowing the source of the phone call and determining the customer’s requirements, interests and needs.

3. Following Up on Click to Call :– 

Call tracking is incomplete without a proper click-to-call follow-up. Tracing the click to call service enables marketers to recognize and measure calls after a prospect click through any of the sources. The click-to-call feature ensures an overview of the keywords and advertisements that are driving the most calls from websites or social media platforms. This data can be fed and replicated to continue towards more sales and lead conversion.

4. Increased Issue Resolve & Reduced Call Time :– 

Call tracker routes the calls to the correct departments instantly and effectively so that new customers can get their queries answered with wait time and in the case of existing customers, the calls can be forwarded to the same agent who has spoken to the customer earlier and the routing can be done based on the set attributes. As call tracking helps in eliminate hold time, re-routing issues, confusing menus and prompt issue resolution, so the customer experience is enhanced, resulting in increased customer satisfaction.

5. Smart Call Routing by Segmentation :– 

Most of the prospects might lose their interest quickly if proper communication is not done or the customer is kept waiting for too long. Retaining customers also includes knowing the customer’s intent and other defined factors, which can be easily achieved through call tracking, where the call can be routed based on caller segmentation. Quicker routing through segmentation makes reaching the proper agent within a few minutes possible, improving customer satisfaction and leading to the conversion of leads.

6. Better Decision-Making of Agents :– 

We already know that it is easier to determine the most effective marketing channels with call tracking, which helps centralise your focus on the company’s budget and efforts needed to acquire more leads. Apart from that, if the call tracker is set up to the advanced settings analyzing the channel and the source of the call at the molecular level becomes extremely trouble-free.

7. Integrating Call Tracking with CRM System :– 

Tracking the journey of the lead with your sales team is crucial in converting a prospect into a customer or at least an opportunity. Few customers take a lot of time to analyze and finally go with the services, resulting in a slow burn and tracing the entire passage becomes necessary for closure. Integrating the CRM system with the call tracker assists in getting a detailed report of the customer’s actions, such as when they visited the website, how much time they spent on each page, which pages interest the customer, etc.


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