How Does Missed Call Messaging Service Work?

February 23, 2022
Missed Call

Every enterprise requires customer engagement for ideal long-term mutual growth based on customer loyalty. Customer engagement can be achieved by excellent communications where the enterprise remains in close contact with the consumer and can be reached instantly when the customer desires. Cloud telephony services grant the best way for business communications. Businesses focus on covering large demography of customers for better product/service reachability and promotional aspect. Marketers may use various media platforms, such as digital, television, print out-of-home, etc., to enhance the customer engagement percentage. But for countries like India, the rural population is much greater than the urban occupants. Moreover, the rural acceptance of technology remains indifferent. Most of the media platforms & technical advances do not have an audience in rural areas, let alone access to various social media sites for business.

So, the question remains how to influence the maximum number of people to promote a product/service so that the customer and the company can mutually benefit? The cloud call management solution is the best answer, but a missed call service might give you the boom that your business requires. Missed Call Messaging Service has become the modern-day morse code for a few decades now. A missed call started as an initiative to control the call budget of an individual when both incoming and outgoing calls used to be charged by the telephone service providers. People used their codes, such as “Reached here”, “Missing you”, or “Call me Back” for a missed call given to the receiver. After some years, this idea was modified into a business strategy to improve customer engagement.

Now, a missed call service can be easily procured from one 0

f the best cloud telephony service providers and implemented for various purposes in an enterprise. As discussed above, the rural population can be difficult to impact, but it is also evident that mobile phone has reached all kinds of households. This implies that with the correct marketing strategy, missed call service and involvement, even the rural demography can be secured to create an excellent customer base. The missed call service has advantages like no cost to the customer while getting their queries resolved, trackable database generation for monitoring and analysis purposes and providing easy updates to the customer.

While considering the missed call messaging service, it is also vital to understand the service’s working. Once the company has subscribed to the service from any cloud-based telephony service provider such as MCUBE, the implementation and results come very effortlessly.

The missed call messaging service only requires four simple steps to be functional. Let’s check out each step one by one:    

1. Dialling Promotional Number :– 

When the company subscribes to the missed call service, the service provider such as MCUBE offers a virtual number/ toll-free number to a specific offer or discount or product/service that needs to be marketed by the company. After carefully selecting a relevant promotional number, the marketer needs to publish it on every media platform to reach the customers. Once the customer sees the number, they call it without being charged any cost. Sometimes, this free-of-charge strategy pushes the customers to call for enquiry and become a potential leads for the company.

2. Automated Call Rejection :– 

After the call is connected from the customer’s end, it lands on the company’s end. Now, this call might be directed to the contact centre directly or can be routed through the IVR system. In any case, the customer hears a single ring and the call gets disconnected automatically.

3. Information Stored on Server :– 

While the call is connected and the customer hears the single ring, the customer’s information is stored and transported to a centralised database. The agent can access this database to give a call back to the customer. The basic information about the customer, such as name, phone number and the category in which the customer is interested, is backed up in the database for the agent. This can help determine what the customer exactly wants and assist in pitches for similar services/products.

4. Acknowledgement Message to Customer :– 

Following the automated call rejection, an acknowledgement SMS or phone call is sent to the customer. This ensures that the customer can relax now, and a representative will contact the customer to resolve their query. Acknowledgements safeguard the trust of customers towards the company.

With such suitability in operation, the missed Call Messaging Service becomes an indispensable asset to the company, which not only boosts customer engagement but also enables penetration into the more significant vicinity as a powerful marketing tool.


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