How to Set Up Your Business with Call Forwarding Services from the Website?

December 14, 2021
Call Forwarding Services

A company’s website is like a window that expounds the services and products of your business and helps your customers and potential partners be aware of the exclusivity and significance of your company and your services/products. A well-built website, good digital marketing and decent connectivity services to get in touch with your business can become the key to an emergent business model in the market. Intelligent business owners can hire good website developers to help them develop and maintain an efficient website. Likewise, they can also hire 3rd party cloud telephony services that can provide them with an overall solution for all kinds of call management problems like IVRs, call recordings, call analytics and call forwarding services. They need to strategize an excellent digital marketing plan to use both websites and call forwarding services to amplify their growth in service delivery and revenue generation.

Let’s look at a few aspects of setting up your business with call forwarding services initiated from the website at the customers’ click of a button.

1. Staying Connected via Smartphone App –

Mobiles have become a part of our lives, and we use these connectivity instruments for almost every aspect of our daily routine. Consequently, if you want your customers to stay connected with you all the time so that you can increase your rate of conversion, then the best way for your customer to access your website is through a smartphone app. The mobile applications effectively reach customer service and book/schedule products and services without visiting the website. The app can be configured to instantly direct calls to the call centre if the customer is facing a problem resolving their issues through the mobile app. Like the website, the app also facilitates prompt help services, thanks to the call forwarding feature. A Smartphone app can also be a suitable way to stay connected with team members through voice, text and chat processes. Good connectivity between team members increases coordination and proficiency, which ultimately succours the business’s growth and customer satisfaction.

2. Setting up Call Forwarding Through Click to Call –

For your website, it is crucial to set up the call forwarding system for optimal outcomes properly. Firstly, you need to know what number you want your customer to see on the website. It can vary based on their location preference, your marketing strategy, or simply by assigning a toll-free number. To clarify the options mentioned, let’s understand why posting a number is essential.

  1. Based on Preferred Location – Some customers like looking at a local number and dialling it. The reason for it is simple enough. Trust. A local number provides the impression that the customer is going to get low prices, individual care and a trustworthy agent as opposed to calling on a toll-free number which has the impression of talking to a virtual Autobot, long waiting time, high prices for services/products and no scope for negotiations. So, choosing a local number and making it visible on the website for the specific geographical location can benefit when considering call forward.
  2. Based on Marketing Strategy – You can assign various numbers to all of your digital marketing campaigns, like the paid ads for reaching your website and then getting transferred to an agent through call forwarding services and monitoring how many calls are converted into revenue calls. This helps identify how to improve your website or other platforms so that more customers can help grow your revenue.
  3. Assigning Toll-Free Numbers – Displaying a toll-free number on your website and linking it to your call centre with just one click is one of the simplest yet most successful ways of getting leads and high conversion rates. All you need is to get a toll-free number and call forwarding solutions from your cloud telephony provider, and you are ready to set up your business.

After deciding the number, the set-up part arises. If you are a client of MCUBE, all you need is to integrate your CRM to your website and assign the extension number in the call forwarding setting that you wish your customer to talk to once they have clicked on the website; click to call button.

3. Configuring Call Forwarding with Dialpad –

The dial pad feature enables voice connectivity through the web with the help of cloud telephony. The call forwarding service is just one of the various attributes of the dial pad that ensures the connectivity of the call to the website and, in a way, assists the user in connecting to the appropriate department with just a single click on the website.

4. Adding MCUBE Call Analytics –

Call forwarding serves its purposes and provides you with its best amenity only when adding the call analytic option. If you already have MCUBE Call Analytics, you understand how it makes call forwarding and monitoring easier. If you do not have MCUBE Analytics, all you need to do is call 1800 419 2202, and MCUBE can make your call management much more straightforward and cost-effective. MCUBE Call Analytics include live dashboards that provide the number of calls, several executives handling the calls, Click to Connect for your website and other campaigns, IVR reports, etc.

5. Implementing After Hour Rules –

Some companies have restricted working hours, and receiving customer calls has become difficult. But with the call forwarding services, if a customer clicks to connect from your website after working hours, you can set up the extension of an available employee to attend the call and book for the customer. Implementing after-hour rules is very effective in maximizing your customer satisfaction.


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