Why Big Brands in India Switching to Virtual Numbers for Customer Communication?

December 17, 2021
Virtual Numbers

MCUBE Virtual Numbers- During the last few decades, the world has seen a surge in technological advances in almost all areas of development and communication. Cloud telephony services have revolutionized the telecom industry and provided a massive relief to small and big business enterprises in customer communication and satisfaction. The last few years have seen a boost for big brands worldwide, blurring the geographical boundaries and opening up strong communication between customers and the company. In the hierarchy of big bands, the stake of doing business for a multinational corporation becomes much higher than a small-scale enterprise. The industry giants need to present the best service and communication to their customers as their reputation comes to a wager in the industry. That is why big brands should not compromise to get the best connectivity options and cloud telephony services provide the best features and amenities for both external and internal communication.

One of the best features that cloud telephony can offer is virtual numbers. A virtual number is a telephone number generated virtually and does not need a physical telephone line or connection. It is also known as direct inward dialling (DID) and is generally used for forwarding incoming calls to a fixed number on mobile or cloud. All toll-free numbers are virtual, but not all virtual numbers are necessarily toll-free. For example, a toll-free number in India needs to start from code 800 or 808, but according to the location, the call needs to be connected; a virtual number can be assigned with the local area code. As most big companies work beyond borders having a number that can facilitate calls from around the world without procuring additional foreign exchange prices saves the company a lot of expense.

Several other benefits come with virtual numbers, attracting more big corporations in India to switch from traditional business telephones to cloud telephony solutions.

Let’s look into a few advantages of toll-free number India/virtual numbers for customer communication.

1. Assists in Building Trust Locally –

Big brands and multinational corporations mostly struggle in building their trust for their services and products in the local markets. The people of a particular geopolitical local usually trust a business they have known for a long time or have been a part of since the beginning of that business. On the other hand, a multinational company might be portraited as an outside organization concerned with their profits. A virtual number with a local area code can turn this customer’s perspective around. A localized number improves the chances of people answering the call and hearing out your pitches more often. Also, a localized number clarifies for the customer that there will not be any additional charges for the call to your company.

2. Round the Clock Connectivity –

Being a big brand, customers must be able to reach you at any point in time for any problem. This can be easily solved by having a virtual number. Suppose you subscribe to one of India’s top cloud telephony providers like MCUBE and have virtual numbers for your customers and clients. In that case, it becomes easier for your agents to get connected to anyone anytime, as the calls can be scheduled to be forwarded to a specific extension even after the official working hours are over.

3. Minimisation of Expenses –

The best part of getting virtual numbers is cost-effectiveness. There is no need for physical wiring or costly equipment set up for your agents. As a virtual number comes with cloud telephony services, you benefit from a 3rd party host responsible for the maintenance, staffing, repairing, and other such expenses. This hugely impacts your expenditure for a dedicated team to troubleshoot your telecommunication problems.

4. Customised IVR and CRM integrations –

Being Indian means being diverse and respecting our unique population’s cultural, linguistic, and traditional aspects. So, when a big corporation starts doing business in India, it dramatically helps in the conversion rate when you know your audience. A customized IVR that can greet in a local language can help bond with the customers better. Also, integrating CRMs to the forwarded virtual numbers helps access customer information as soon as they call you, making the call personalized and increasing customer satisfaction.

5. Virtual Numbers: Allows portability of numbers –

Big brands love to maintain their familiarity intact. So once a number has been forwarded and well-advertised in the market, it becomes complicated to change the number as it hampers your sales and branding. Virtual numbers have the option for easy portability, which allows big brands to keep their numbers the same and forward them to the agents for just a nominal transfer fee of one time.


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