How Does Missed Call Alert Service Help in Lead Generation at No Cost?

December 21, 2021
Missed Call Alert Service

Missed Call Alert Service has emerged as a valuable tool for lead generation through phone calls. The growth of a corporation directly depends on the kind of customer service provided by the company. Customer service management is the process of actively building and maintaining long-term customers relationship by collecting, processing, and utilizing information about the customers in an ethical way that can benefit both the customer and the business. To maintain a good relationship with the customer, generating leads that can eventually create a customer base is vital. Hence, lead generation is a significant part of developing your company as a reputed brand. There are various ways of generating leads, such as advertising and targeting on social media platforms, referrals from existing customers, guest blogging for local influencers or sign companies, emails to potential customers, or simply calling. As lead generation is a part of marketing, getting a database from executing these ways. But with the advent of cloud telephony services generating leads through a phone has become a convenient and economical method.

Consider being a company with a number on the website for customer service. Still, the number does not connect when dialling or disconnects without reaching an actual person. This hampers the company’s reputation and costs the company neglected and missed leads that could have been potential customers. Companies must maintain a sound call management system like cloud telephony to avoid awkward situations. One of the excellent features of cloud telephony solutions includes missed call alert service.

It is essential to understand how the missed call alert service works. The company gets a dedicated mobile or virtual number to call quickly. After a single ring on the number, the call gets disconnected automatically. A confirmation SMS is sent to the caller, informing them that the call has been registered and somebody will contact them as soon as possible. The customer’s information is stored in the database along with the number they have called from, and whenever needed, the database can be easily accessed. The agent can schedule a discussion on the requirements of the customer.

A missed call service can help poll polling, voting, customer feedback, mobile verifications, etc. Missed call alert service is one of the best means of lead generation without costing the company another dime. Plus, a missed call service does not cost customers the service they love.

Here are a few other benefits of getting missed call alert service for your business.

1. Maintains Data That Ensures Quality Assurance – 

As the missed call service creates a database as soon as the customer dials the particular number, that record can be used in various ways. Detailed customer data can help the agents deal with the specific customer in a certain way. For example, suppose a customer isn’t happy with the company’s services and has called the company many times; an agent can prepare the call records before calling back the customer. Also, as the records automatically get updated in the system, there is no need to hire a dedicated person to keep all the customers’ information.

2. Excellent Cost-Effective Tool – 

Companies love to find cost-effective tools to help minimize marketing costs, including generating leads. The missed call alert is one of the cloud telephony-based platform features. Suppose the company is opting for cloud telephony features. In that case, they should also opt for missed call services, along with various other aspects like IVR solutions, CRM integrations, Call forwarding, Inbound and outbound call monitoring, etc.; furthermore, a missed call service does not cost much as compared to its benefits. Therefore, the missed call alert service is an excellent cost-effective tool for both the company and the customer.

3. Reduction in Agent Work – 

It can be logically deduced that as the customer called up the number probably, they are already interested in what the company is offering. So, the work of the agent is already half done here. Along with that, as the customers have called and left their numbers and details in the database, there is no need for the agents to search and find leads.

4. Improves Customer Satisfaction – 

A missed call alert service helps the customer save both time and effort. Customers might get a busy tone, endure call disconnect, or be unable to reach an actual person and talk to a machine. The caller does not need to wait long, nor do they have to listen to pre-recorded voices. They remain assured that somebody will contact them and solve their issue. This improves the notion of the customer towards the company and enhances the satisfaction level.

5. Beneficial to All Sectors – 

Multiple sectors can utilize the missed call service. Companies can widely use it for all industries, such as banking, travel & tourism, education, hospitality, retail, finance, etc., as part of call management. Various sectors can use this service to facilitate marketing their brand and services/products better. Compared to deceptive advertising that customers are mostly exposed to, this service can be established as one of the most tasteful and inconspicuous ways of building a delicate relationship with the customer.


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