Why is Call Tracking Important in Marketing Analytics?

December 10, 2021
Call Tracking

Every business strives for for-profit and more sales conversions. Different companies make different business strategies to get their desired revenue and turnovers. The marketing analytics part is the one thing that stays constant for all business ventures to increase their yielding. Both start-up entrepreneurs and market giants must understand market analytics and why it is vital to increase profit. Marketing analytics is the process of utilizing certain technologies and tools by marketers to calculate the attainment of their marketing initiatives. Marketing analytics does not work with partial data; there is a need to collect information from all corresponding channels like the social media platforms, the web analytics, the call monitoring, the transactions, etc. Out of all these various data collection channels, call tracking software services are essential tools that can be used for accurate marketing analytics.

The purpose of the call tracker is to let the marketers get information about the process through which the customer has landed the call to the helpdesk and if the call was converted into a sales call. This helps in understanding the call flow and the phone conversations between the customer and the agent, which eventually helps in increasing revenue. Marketers can identify the specific marketing campaign that generates more conversions and focus more on it.

For example, suppose your business is an efficient website with a phone number, and most of your services are being booked online. In that case, you can monitor your business’s status with tools like Google Analytics. But if the customers are more prone to click the number and get redirected to your agents, google analytics is no longer helpful. Here, an option called dynamic number insertion (DNI) can help the marketer understand how the call reached the agent. DNI assigns different virtual numbers to various people according to their choice of visitation, like a different number for people who clicked on paid search advertisements, a different number for people who clicked through SEO listings, etc.

There are so many other reasons why call tracking is a good idea in the case of marketing analytics, and here are a few arguments that support this statement.

1. Microscopic Level Analysis and Monitoring

Call tracking helps report the calls on a microscopic level and gives a decent idea of what happened to the call flow for a specific period. For example, if the company is paying for advertisements, call tracking can help analyze how many calls were answered, how many calls were not answered, how many calls got the busy signal and how many calls went straight to voicemail.

2 . Ensuring Quality Assurance & Customer Satisfaction

Call Tracking also extensively helps in quality assurance and customer satisfaction. Call recordings, call details, and call analytics included in call tracking help assess the quality of customer service and employee performance. These features assist the marketers in ensuring a better quality of the calls and boosting the agents to behave in a professional yet helpful way to the customer.

3. Providing Call Scoring Facilities

Another great feature of call tracking that supports marketing analytics is call scoring. Initially, most companies used to pay a team to listen to the conversations between the agent and the customer and rate/score those calls accordingly. However, that process has become automated thanks to artificial intelligence and machine learning development. It does not matter where the scoring comes from, but the score itself is vital to maintain a steady quality improvement and conversion rate for the business.

4. Supervising Top Keywords for Call Generation 

Knowing which of your top keywords are generating more calls in top paid campaigns is also possible. A session-based call tracking can help where the call tracker allocates a pool of call tracking numbers to a particular site based on the number of visits to the site for specific traffic.

5. Allocating Local Numbers to Different Geographical Locations

The DNI option and call tracking enable local numbers to the customers. It might seem a little choice to abandon toll-free numbers, but some studies say that toll-free numbers give the impression of talking to a machine and waiting a long time for a person. A local number shown to the customer based on where they are searching can confer trust by giving the notion of the quality of local business.


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