How to Make Outbound Calling Successful with Auto Dialer Software?

December 7, 2021
Auto Dialer Software

The author, Shep Hyken, has said, “Don’t focus on the sale; focus on the person.” For building a successful business, it is imperative to focus on the customer service provided. When discussing modern-day customer service, the implication mostly goes to having a call centre with agents that can deliver appropriate solutions to customer problems and keep a good customer satisfaction ratio. A call centre typically has both inbound and outbound call facilities. Whenever the customer feels like having an issue regarding the service or product, they generally call the call centre for the solution, which is considered an inbound call. The outbound calls mainly deal with callbacks to the customer or telemarketing.

Outbound calls primarily focus on generating leads, prime prospects in business, or building good relations with other companies. An essential part of outbound calls is promoting the service or product. It is easier to create brand awareness with outbound calls and stimulate the customer’s interest in the service/product. When the outbound calls are so important, it is also crucial to have tools like auto dialer software to help boost the service quality. Autodialer service enables automatic outbound calls to a verified list of customers already driven into the cloud telephony system as per the preferred category like priority or probable leads. It then transfers the call to the available agent or assigns the specific customer. When the auto dialer software is integrated with the CRM system, it improves the output and enhances the competence of the agents.

Let’s look at the few pointers that can help us understand how autodialer software makes outbound calling successful and streamlined.

1. Reduced Agent Ideal Calling Time – 

While making outbound calls, the agent needs to know who they are dealing with and how to make a pitch in case of a sales call is to be converted to a perpetual deal. At the same time, covering several customers can increase the chance of a conversion. An autodialer software can be beneficial in such kind of Outbond Calling. An auto dialer software automatically assigns the calls to the agent without wasting time scrutinizing the list of customers and dialling relevantly. Autodialers can be customized per the requirement of the outbound call in order of conversion rate or priority customer or loyal customers, reducing the ideal number of agent calling times.

2. Increase Conversion Rates in Sales – 

When you know your customers thoroughly, you know what they need from you. As the autodialer is integrated into the CRM, it helps retrieve all the possible data or information regarding the customer. This process allows the agent to identify the complex sales options and provide relevant offers to them so that there is an optimal increase in the conversion rates.

3. Ensure Quality Assurance with Recording – 

Autodialer has some brilliant features that help boost your service quality. The best part can undoubtedly be the call recording option, which automatically records the details of every call your agent takes and can be used to analyze the agent’s performance, deal with the customer or provide appropriate feedback for a particular call to the agent. Call recording, without any doubt, presents quality assurance and increases the proficiency of the agents.

4. Easy integration with 3rd Party CRM – 

Most auto dialer software can easily integrate with any 3rd party CRM, which facilitates many functions for the agents, like automatically detecting answering machines and forwarding to the next customer or setting auto dialling time that helps in customizing the preferences of the business following customer satisfaction level and producing suitable outputs.

5. Optimum Operational Efficiency – 

The auto dialer service increases the call volume by automatically connecting the calls to live answerers. In case your auto dialer software complies with the Telephone Consumer Protection Act or TCPA, it also adheres to the rules of TCPA like not calling during the restricted times, not calling people with DND activations, not calling hospitals or calling hospitals in other regional zones, etc. Hence, it helps optimise the company’s operational efficiency and not only the agents.

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