How can One Install an IVR Service to a Mobile Number?

IVR Service

Before the evolution of cloud telephony, businesses were using the traditional communication systems that were nothing but a pile of hardware devices that were not supporting system upgrades and took months to roll out any changes. Hence, it was tough for businesses to maintain the service quality with the increasing demand for ease of access.

This was when the technology platform took the responsibility to bridge that communication gap between the customers and business with a better solution. As a result, cloud telephony IVR solutions are introduced. And that is the exact time when the corporations get an opportunity to upgrade their telecommunication services to the cloud and match up the up-hilling expectations of customers towards the business communication system.

We can see most of the businesses who are regularly engaged with the customer connect process use cloud telephony’s Interactive voice response system that is the IVRS. Presently, the IVR system plays a crucial role in customer engagement and handling massive user engagement, which has helped businesses stand out in the ever-competing market world and get a potential brand reputation.

IVR services are cloud-based, making them easy to set up and capable of offering multi-functionality like automated helpline, multilevel interaction system, reporting and analysis, customized greetings, hold tunes, and call recording and rerouting.

Advanced IVR system offers the businesses the flexibility to install IVR services to their existing mobile number or new mobile numbers. That’s not all; this whole process of installation can be done in 4 easy steps. Let’s discuss it in details-

4 easy steps to install an IVR service to a mobile number-

Step.1 Get your IVR service package-

The first and initial step is to choose the IVR service package. While selecting the service package, it’s essential to accumulate the business requirement and select the most appropriate one under the overall requirement coverage. Once the IVR service package is selected, the business needs to choose the desired mobile number on which the IVR services will get operated, which is the second step as mentioned below-

Step.2 Choose your desired mobile number-

Cloud telephony’s IVR system offers businesses the flexibility to select their desired mobile numbers from the local, national, or toll-free numbers provided by the cloud telephony service provider or use their own mobile number as the IVR number. The business has the freedom to choose multiple mobile numbers.

Once the mobile number is selected, the cloud telephony providers will perform signup for the business, and the chosen talk-time will be credited to the business’s account. The next thing the business needs to do is to provide the IVR script according to their business demand so that the same IVR greetings/script will get recorded and will be added to the service.

An effective cloud ERP can address this. Customers can get a 360 view of sales, services, transactions, and more.

Step.3 IVR Service Activation-

Once the IVR number is chosen, an IVR script is given to the service providers. The service providers will integrate the customer greetings/scripts provided by the business to the IVR services, and the service activation will be initiate.

Step.4 Service finalization-

Once the IVR service is activated on the business mobile number, Incoming and outbound call services get enabled, and businesses will start receiving calls. (The business calls are rerouted to the designated department/executives based on the caller’s input selected from the keypad).


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