In response to the distancing requirements enforced by COVID-19; Ramaiah Memorial Hospital has made significant use of MCUBE’s call centre solution to ensure everyone’s safety while also following pandemic safety norms.


The major requirement of Ramaiah Memorial Hospital was a call centre solution for customer care & ambulance dispatch system. The pioneering solution of the MCUBE cloud transformation added value and helped customers provide an enhanced customer experience. The additional requirements of Ramaiah Memorial Hospital from MCUBE were:

  • Tracking patients’ calls & detailed analytical reports on missed/received calls.
  • Skill-based call routing for customer delight.
  • Call recording & monitoring for training purposes.
  • Digital Patient experience management.
  • Seamless delivery of services at every patient touchpoint through an integrated solution.
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Challenges Ramaiah Memorial Hospital faced earlier!

Many calls remained unattended & they were receiving negative complaints & feedback from the customers. They were also facing difficulties in identifying calls & getting back to customers on time.

HMS software cannot be integrated with the traditional PBX system, hence single sign-on was not possible. To avoid this problem, they decided to move their business phone to MCUBE’s cloud!

Solution provided by MCUBE

As a solution, MCUBE provided the API to get all details of the call. The additional solutions MCUBE provided to them are as follows:

  • Automation to route the calls to the right team executive based on customer inputs.
  • Routing calls in a smooth way to reduce customer wait time
    & complaints.
  • Call logs & recording for training & monitoring purposes.
  • Personalized experience.
  • Flexibility for easy integration with existing CRM software.
  • Increased call pickup ratio.
  • To ensure 24×7 availability via customized IVR solution.

MCUBE Product used by Ramaiah Memorial Hospital!

MCUBE’s call centre solution is used by the Ramaiah Memorial Hospital. This solution scaled up the 100% increase in visibility and 30% of higher improvement in productivity almost immediately after deployment.

Today hospitals need to understand patient experience at every touch point to the overall exit process. Social distancing is creating the competing pressure of managing facilities with a few staff and managing facilities to a higher level of hygiene and sanitation safety standards. In such a situation, workforce and site optimization will be critical. Digital, loT, and cloud-based applications such as MCUBE enable hospital and emergency systems not only to manage calls, but manage sites, spaces, equipment, assets, and staff better.