Revamping Customer Engagement & Retention with MCUBE Dialer Solution for India’s Largest Online Grocery Store, ‘ Big Basket Daily’.

MCUBE & Big Basket Daily establishing a profitable & synchronous affiliation eliminating manual outbound calling & facilitating pragmatic contact center solutions with perceptive call assignment & real-time call tracking

MCUBE assists Big Basket Daily in building an Operative & Effective Communication System: An Overview

Big Basket has created a market prominence as one of the leading online grocery delivery services in India. With its convenient and user-friendly platform, Big Basket Daily has revolutionized how consumers shop for groceries. The company has a large customer base, engaging the company in dialling & receiving a high volume of calls daily. To improve the efficiency of their customer service operations and establish an agent-friendly & efficient platform for connecting to customers in a manner of transcendence, Big Basket Daily implemented MCUBE Dialer Solution, a telecommunications tool that automatically dials and connects customers with available agents. The association of Big Basket Daily with MCUBE since September of 2020 has not only strengthened the Big Basket contact center maneuvers but also contributed towards a significant growth in business & enabling control of the program across India from one location.

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Initial Requirements of Big Basket Daily’s Contact Center Solution

Big Basket Daily has identified numerous critical requirements for their business telecommunications system to enable smooth collaboration, ease of data allocation, call tracking, call recording, call analytics and more. To ensure a seamless experience for its users the following initial requirements were detected:

  • Implement a service that allows the company administrator to view all customer’s mobile numbers while hiding them from all other users.
  • Ensure that customer’s mobile numbers are only accessible to the administrator and are not displayed or shared with any other user of the platform.
  • Allow the administrator to selectively reveal a customer’s mobile number to specific users on a need-to-know basis.
  • Implement appropriate security measures to protect the confidentiality of customers’ mobile numbers.
  • Implement a feature that prevents customers from viewing or obtaining the mobile numbers of any Big Basket executives or employees.
  • Provide tools for tracking and monitoring the performance of executives, including the number and duration of calls made and any relevant customer information.
  • Enable easy access to customer data for executives, allowing them to efficiently and effectively communicate with and assist customers.
  • Develop a structured and organized program with clear guidelines and protocols for executives to follow.

Challenges Faced By Big Basket Daily Before MCUBE’s Support

Big Basket Daily confronted several challenges in its efforts to streamline and improve its sales processes. One of the main challenges has been the need for dialer facilities for the sales team, making it difficult for them to contact and communicate with potential customers efficiently.

In addition, the company has struggled with phone calling where tracking was not possible, making it difficult to monitor the performance of individual sales executives and identify areas for improvement. Data allocation to executives has also been a challenge, as it has yet to be possible to easily track and allocate customer data to the relevant sales executive. These challenges have hindered Big Basket Daily’s ability to reach and engage with potential customers effectively and have limited the company’s sales and growth potential.

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Solution provided by MCUBE

  • Enabling our Number Masking Service allows the company administrator to view all customer’s mobile numbers while masking them from all other users and ensuring the confidentiality of customers’ mobile numbers & unauthorized access or misuse.
  • Implementation of MCUE Dialer System that allows the sales team to make calls and communicate with potential customers efficiently.
  • Execution of our call tracking and monitoring features that enable the company to track the performance of individual sales executives and identify areas for improvement.
  • Engaging MCUBE Track Solution for efficiently allocating customer data to the relevant sales executive based on location or other relevant factors.
  • Seamless CRM integration to a much easier interface for the executives to operate the platform without an intensive training regimen.
  • Implement Security Measures to protect the confidentiality of customer data and ensure that it is only accessed by authorized personnel.

MCUBE Services Used By Big Basket Daily

  • MCUBE Track
  • MCUBE Click to Call
  • MCUBE AutoDialer
  • MCUBE Number Masking
  • MCUBE Reports

Impact of MCUBE’s Cloud Telephony Solution on Big Basket Daily’s Contact Center

The adoption of MCUBE’s cloud telephony solution by Big Basket Daily’s contact centre significantly impacted the efficiency and effectiveness of the contact centre’s operations. MCUBE’s cloud telephony solution is designed to provide a range of advanced features and functionality that can help streamline communication processes, improve customer experience, and increase the productivity of contact centre agents. Some specific ways in which the implementation of our cloud telephony solution has influenced Big Basket Daily’s contact centre include:


  • Using MCUBE, BB Daily significantly increased its reach while finding its lost customer.
  • Facilitated winning back lost customers.
  • By Masking the end customer no, MCUBE has been instrumental in keeping the customers’ privacy intact, which is a significant step towards saving the customer data safe from unwanted risk.
  • MCUBE brought in the much-required transparency in the contact centre team enabling management to improve the calling efficiency & agent productivity by 3X.
  • Using MCUBE, BB Daily has seen immense business growth by enhancing customer satisfaction and overall communication experience.
  • MCUBE telephony platform helped in handling customer concerns & offering appropriate solutions to the customers.
  • MCUBE offered the ability to run the Loyalty programs smoothly and control it from a single location has dramatically improved the efficiency and effectiveness of the BB Daily contact centre.

“So far, it’s a great association with MCUBE. There has been great post-sales support from the MCUBE team, they have been always there when BBD required any kind of support. MCUBE has been prompt in terms of addressing concerns, always takes extra efforts to meet our ever changing requirements which makes MCUBE different from any other competitors in the segment. We are planning massive growth with MCUBE, which will increase the usage 3x to 4x from the current stage.” – Arijit Saha, National Winback Lead – Customer Retention, Big Basket.