A Quick Guide to Choose the Best Softphone Service Provider For Your Business

April 29, 2024

Softphone refers to software that enables calls over the internet without using any hardware. There is a very epic history of softphones when Brian wanted to talk to his friends while playing PC Games. He got a mind-blowing idea to create something that would help them to connect and he developed “Skype” that supports calling over the internet. It makes Skype a softphone-based technology. In the late 19s, Brian C. Wiles & John Walker worked together to develop this technology.

Nowadays most businesses and startups use it to promote unified communication. Many Softphone Service Providers use the Session Initiation Protocol provided by the Internet Engineering Task Force that claims private calling over the Internet. According to the well-known report Global Demand generation of Softphone till 2034 is 9.2% CAGR. So if you are thinking of getting it for your business just go for it because innovation leads to innovation.

How does it work?

Softphone works on the principle of VOIP Phone System. To understand its working process first, you need to understand the requirements to enable the process. You should have a PC with a microphone and speaker, or you can take a USB Phone. Do not forget to check your internet speed, it requires stable internet. It should be high quality without any interruption, then you need an account that will be connected to your softphone service provider. The softphone provider will provide you with a unique virtual number.

Here is the process begins: 

1) When you connect with a softphone it picks up your voice data and converts it into codecs in a digital form.

2) Then it sends this data to the recipient’s device using the internet.

3) The recipient’s device unpacks to audible sound.

These are some simple steps of the softphone working process. It allows you to aid globally without much effort. It does not need any special equipment to operate. Just you need The Best Softphone Service Provider.

Features of a Software Phone

A) Customized Call Directory – Your Software phone should have a contact directory that enables you to import the existing contacts and new ones as per the demand.

B) Multi-line Support – It helps you to manage multiple calls at the same time. Softphones have a feature known as “Call Waiting” that allows you to know how many calls are in waiting at that time. So you will get informed who you should be addressed first.

C) Internet-Based Calling – Two-way communication over the Internet without any hurdle. 

D) Call Hold – While receiving multiple calls it puts up the hold and distributes the calls among agents.

E) Call & Message History – Your softphone service provider allows you to check call history, and message history to analyze the average call time.

F) Call Recording – You can get the data of your calls with the clients to understand the calling quality and customer interaction & experience.

G) Audio & Video Conferencing – It helps you to connect with your customers on video calls and audio calls to improve the quality of customer service.

H) Integration with other applications – It allows you to integrate it with other external APIs as well as contact center software, customer service platforms, or CRM platforms.

Softphone Vs Voice over Internet Protocol 

Softphones are just another app that we use on our phones. It works on VOIP technology that connects calls over the internet. It does not require any special setup. It is cheaper than the traditional service. It has more advanced features than VOIP phones.

VOIP is a hardware setup that also uses the internet for calling purposes. VOIP services need a workstation setup. It is much costlier than softphones. VOIP services need an IP Network.

Benefits of using Softphone Service

1) It is cheaper than traditional phones. You can plan a minimum budget to spend on unified communications.

2) It comes with advanced features like call directory, call queuing, call recording, etc. that will enhance the customer experience.

3) It helps you to expand your business globally in a very efficient way.

4) It is a more flexible system. You do not require a huge set-up.

5) It helps you to increase the productivity of sales and lead generation teams while working remotely.

6) It helps you to keep your number private while calling with the help of a virtual number.

7) Softphones are a requirement of remote and hybrid working cultures to make connectivity.

8) It helps you to analyze the call performance with the help of a call analytics feature.


Softphones are very dynamic and versatile for using it for unified communications. You can consider this service to analyze the calling performance, audio quality, agent efficiency, and many more things. By analyzing such factors you will get the idea where you need to expand more efforts. In today’s world, 80% of customers want personalized talk before getting the services or products. You should understand the needs of your customers and choose the best softphone solution provider for your business.

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