How to Increase Customer Engagement Using Missed Call Solution in Hospitality Industry?

February 8, 2022
Missed Call Solution

Missed call solution is a valuable tool for enhancing customer engagement in the hospitality industry. The hospitality industry broadly covers service industries, including food, lodging, event planning, tourism and travel. All of these industries remain customer-centric and sustain on augmenting customer engagement. Another critical aspect of the hospitality industry is communication which can be considered the foundation for fostering and expanding this industry. The modern-day stipulates most of the communication and transactions online or through the help of the cloud. Cloud telephony solution is the perfect tool for the hospitality industry in terms of propagation of distinction, global connectivity, retention of customers, increase in conversion rates and boost for customer engagement. The missed call service, one of the unique features of cloud call management, helps the hospitality industry in various ways along with a contribution towards customer satisfaction and participation.

Here are a few pointers that help understand how customer engagement can be enhanced using the missed call solution in the hospitality industry.

1. Confirming Service/Booking Availability:– 

Everybody must have experienced waiting for an agent or the website to open up on availability for something. It might be a hotel or flight or simple for a dinner date with your loved ones. During a hectic work schedule, it becomes very difficult to spend considerable time searching for availabilities for a hotel booking or reserving a travel itinerary. A booking on hold or a reservation in waiting can stress you out due to the uncertainty of confirming. But cloud telephony service can prove to be a boon in such matters. If the travel agency or hotel already has the missed call solution, it can be easily assigned to keep the customers in the loop about their booking status. Every time a customer gives a missed call to the company’s set number, the customer’s phone number acts as the locator for the customer’s database and the details of his recent bookings are sent to his number. The customer can easily keep track of the booking and get updated information at any time without logging into the website or waiting for an agent over the phone.

2. Ease of Booking Reservations :– 

The holiday seasons, summer vacations, and New Year can see a surge of people travelling and making bookings. The hospitality industry remains on its toes during this time. Even though customer service continues to be the top priority for the hospitality business throughout the year, during these busy times, even the maximum-staffed hotels, restaurants, travel agencies, and other cogs of the industry are prone to making mistakes in booking rooms and reservations or in confirming the availabilities. With the use of a simple tool such as the missed call solution, the hoteliers and travel agents can avoid significant disasters and receive a bad rep for their brand. Based on the first come, first serve algorithm, the missed call solution can assign a particular number where the customers give a missed call and, in return, receive a link to their phones that forwards them to book the reservation online without waiting for an agent to do it. This makes the service faster and easier for the customer as they save on time and effort.

3. Assigning Billing Discounts :– 

Everyone loves discounts, and discounts can improve sales as well. A simple discount can do wonders when it comes to the hospitality business. A discount can motivate travellers to add more people to their party, encourage customers at a restaurant to order more food, or persuade them to upgrade themselves to a more luxurious room in a motel or inn, which they had not considered earlier. A missed call alert service can become one of the most effective ways to provide loyal customers or even new customers with relevant booking discounts. The hotel, restaurant or travel agency can allocate a specified virtual or toll-free business number where the customer can give a missed call to know about the prices & discounts. Existing customers can get different and specialized prices and deals which can help in customer retention. You can also customize discounts on various services and other types of bookings based on customer preference, availability and popularity. A message with all the pricing details can be sent to the customer whenever they give a missed call on the specified number.

4. Collecting Positive Feedbacks :– 

The hospitality business solely depends on a good review from the customer. Feedback is essential from the marketing perspective and understanding where the company stands regarding customer preference. If more customers like your service, the business will surely see upscale revenue, expansion and progression. There are various ways of collecting feedback from your customer, but the most efficient routes are those that do not take much time for the customer to invest. We know that some hotels or travel bureaus use different methods, such as feedback forms to fill out for the customer at the end of a journey or the last day of their stay at the hotel. Some survey links are sent to the customer’s phone number or emails. But with all these methods, the customer has to spend some time reading and understanding the questions and giving the ratings accordingly. However, with the missed call solution, all that the customer needs to do is, if they have positive feedback for the service, they need to give a call on the assigned number.

5. Dispensing Booking Updates :– 

Changes in the itinerary are a very common aspect of the hospitality business. However, keeping up to date with the changes and the company providing the change information on time to the customer can be a challenge. But the process can be simplified to a missed call where the customer’s number can be the reference number; if they call the allocated number, the customer can get the updated booking information and make changes accordingly. This increases both the interest of the customer as well as the engagement.


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