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What is the Need of Missed Call Marketing for Educational Sphere?

January 27, 2022
Missed Call

Mankind stands apart from the rest of the species on the planet due to the vast knowledge that we procure and its utilisation in the betterment of its species and others. One of the most crucial ways to acquire knowledge is through education which is why the education system throughout the world has been embedded as one of the pillars of modern-day advancement and civilisation. Over the years the education sphere has seen tremendous changes in the process of teaching, structure, involvement, curriculum, interaction and communication methods. The age-old ‘gurukuls’ have turned into glorified educational institutions with state-of-the-art infrastructure, cutting edge technical equipment and classrooms, specialised curriculums and cutthroat competitions.

With the arrival of the E-learning concept, the entire education sector has seen yet another technological requirement and that is cloud telephony. Irrespective of the mode of receiving education, cloud telephony has slowly become an important commodity for efficient on-call communication and easy connectivity between teachers and students. Thousands of students could have various enquiries like examination dates, admit card issuance, the result of an exam, etc. to be acknowledged by the administration and a traditional phone system might not prove effective in such traffic. According to statistics, it has also been found that various educational institutions have faced problems during admissions because of a lack of good connectivity and human resources. Hundreds of essential calls are missed, valuable information does not reach the required mass and incomplete databases block the lead generation with traditional PBX or EPBAX.

These challenges seem irrelevant when institutes opt for a cloud telephony solution. Cloud telephony services provide features like interactive voice response (IVR), missed call alert services, systematic call routing, call recording and monitoring, and much more that helps in averting connectivity complications and enhancing the parent/student’s interaction experience with the educational institutes. Out of all the features, missed call alerts have been beneficial in a lot of ways for an educational institute.

Here are a few of the benefits of opting for missed call service for educational institutes discussed in detail.     

1. Assistance in Research & Campaigns –

The educational sphere has become a competitive arena for most institutes. The faculty and the students can benefit immensely from the missed call service feature of cloud telephony by utilising it for research purposes. For example, students from doctorial departments can use the missed call feature for analysing surveys easily. A survey or voting can be easily set by devoting a certain toll-free number equipped with the missed call facility to a study report and asking other students or faculties to just dial the number in case they favour it. This not only simplifies the survey process but also provides the data to the student without any effort. The faculties or the institute can also use the missed call service to promote campaigns that can attract more students to join the institute or a particular cause just by calling.

2. Obtaining Quality Leads –

Marketing and educational institutes can become tedious when it comes to generating new leads. Due to rampant competition, students easily feel undecided towards many educational centres and their curriculums. Institutes need to constantly follow up on students during the admissions to retain them to their institutes. There can be hundreds of instances where due to high call volumes or unreachability the student might decide to go for a competitor. This can easily be avoided by a simply missed call service allocation. When the institute links the missed call service facility to the contact number which has been published on the website, mobile app, social media platforms and other campaigns, the students dial the number and with just a single ring the call disconnects instantly. Simultaneously the student receives an acknowledgement message saying that the call has been received by the institute and someone is going to be in touch with them shortly. This ensures the student’s attention and confirms the institute with a relevant database for potential admissions. In other words, the admission department can be able to shortlist candidates based on their interest to get admitted rather than the institute running behind them.

3. Creating Comprehensive Data Centre –

For an effective call management system, creating a comprehensive data centre is necessary. A data centre can provide extensive knowledge about the students, their preferred courses, their age group, their syllabus and million other things that might help the administration in keeping a healthy track of the students. A missed call service can be quite an efficient system in obtaining a thorough data centre. When a student gives a missed call to the number, the counsellor or administrator call the student back at their relevant time. This saves a lot of time and effort from the student’s side eventually keeping the student relaxed and open to giving all the required information. No time constraint assists in a detailed database for the institute.

4. Supports Number Verification –

During admissions, result in announcements or admit card distributions there might be problems with reaching the correct student with the relevant information. The missed call service supports number verification which in time help in keeping the database with the exact contact number, address, email id, etc. of a particular student. The data can be helpful while verifying student information and other documentation.




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