Benchmark Setter in Cloud Telephony MCUBE Ensures Zero Leads Lost in Real Estate Sector with ABA Corp

With the vision of redefining the ‘smart city’ concept 3 decades ago, ABA Corp was incorporated in 1988 and has always delivered their clients with aesthetic and quality constructions that are sustainable & include ecofriendly regime. ABA Corp proudly presents more than 5000 happy customers & over 10 million sq. ft. area of developed & under construction projects.

Being a corporation inclined towards technological advances and integrating futuristic construction & design concepts in each of their projects, ABA group turned to MCUBE to help them call recording & tracking inbound calls. In collaboration with ABA Corp. media planning & marketing manager, Manu Kakkar, here’s how MCUBE helped them achieve their goal.

The Initial Requirements & Challenges Faced by ABA Corp

  1.  Difficulty in recording for inbound and outbound calls.
  2.  Difficulty in tracking of the inbound and outbound calls.
  3.  Assistance with quality control of inbound and outbound calls.
  4.  Needed help with higher sales conversions for inbound calls.
  5.  Needed help with highly scalable platform for data analysis.
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Product Used by ABA Corp

– MCUBE Track
– Outbound Call Solutions

The Solution Offered By MCUBE

  1.  Assisting in tracking and automation of IVR to prevent losing leads.
  2.  Enabling dual channel recording and improved monitoring of calls.
  3.  Facilitating customised IVR and continuous availability.
  4.  Expediting comfortable CRM integration with existing software.
  5.  Helping in dropping the missing inbound calls percentage.
  6.  Improving the sales conversion rate in the calls.
  7.  Tailored customer experience by routing calls by multi-level IVRs.
  8.  Embedding inbound and outbound call management systems.
  9.  Arrangement of click to call services for outbound calls.
  10.  Keeping track of call logs for inbound and outbound calls.
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Other MCUBE Products Obliging Real Estate Sector Needs

  1.  Tollfree Number
  2.  MCUBE X
  3.  MCUBE Autodialer
  4.  Lead Management
  5.  MCUBE Reports

Benefits of using Cloud Telephony in Real Estate Industry

  1. Features like IVRs, Toll Free Numbers, Autodialers, Lead Management, Support Management, etc. very helpful in providing broader exposure in market.
  2. Constant availability for callers through multi-level IVRs leading to zero lead loss.
  3. CRM integration helps agents in keeping track of customers helping in customer satisfaction level.
  4. Centralized virtual number supports coverage of huge geographical area boosting reach which is vital in real estate.
  5. Quality assurance of inbound and outbound calls through call recording and monitoring which helps in accumulating more pleased & aided customers.
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