MCUBE Succours Cadabam’s Hospital with Call Centre Solution Through Smart Integration

MCUBE contributes towards a longstanding pathway for cloud telephony services in the field of mental health with Cadabam’s Hospital.

Overview on Cadabam’s Hospital

Cadabam’s Hospital has been a safe haven for people suffering from psychiatric problems since 1992. Offering their patients with the best-in-class infrastructure and state of the art equipment along with top professional counsellors, nurses, physicians and neurologists, they required an evolving call management system like MCUBE’s cloud telephony services to assist the patients & their families in the most advantageous way possible. This has initiated a sustained and steadfast business relation between the two companies for over a period of almost a decade.

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Initial Challenges faced by Cadabam’s Hospital

Cadabam’s hospital considered MCUBE in search of unified numbers and a seamless call centre software that can integrate with the mobile numbers of the first responders/counsellors to their IVR software so that they can provide help to the customer at any time.

– Difficulty in call integration to various numbers of counsellors.

– Tracking inbound/outbound calls for training & monitoring purposes.

– Missing calls that are crucial to the people looking for help.

– No seamless single sign on telephony solution with CRM software.

Initial Requirements of Cadabam’s Hospital

The critical requirements of Cadabam’s Hospital were obtaining a functional and dedicated cloud telephony solution that can both connoisseur the hospital’s image and resolve connectivity issues on a ground level for a transparent yet indulging call center for both qualified counsellors & assistance needing patients.

– Unified numbers for the first responders that can be accessed anywhere.

– Streamlined call routing systems for dedicated helpdesk.

– Seamless connectivity for inbound & outbound calls between customer and counsellor.

– Direct contact with doctors without divulging their numbers.

– Enhanced customer satisfaction and counselling.

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Solutions Provided By MCUBE

1- Call forwarding solutions that relay inbound calls to any specified number through Smart Integration.

2- Smooth transfer of inbound calls to concerned departments.

3- Flexibility and mobility of counsellors to access calls from anywhere & anytime.

4- Organized call routing of inbound calls to available counsellors.

5- Call monitoring and analytics for counsellors with detailed information about patient and call data.

6-  Click to call service triggering direct calls from website with just one click for instant problem resolution and doctor consultations.

7- Call recording resolutions that aid in quality maintenance and legal issues that are done only after the patient’s consent.

MCUBE Services used by Cadabam’s Hospital

– MCUBE Track
This facility enables you to keep a close tracking on call routing, missing inbound calls, caller ID tracking, call recording and various other feature with user friendly dashboards.

Here, you can access professional features like call forwarding & smart integration amenities that allows effortless and flexible call answering and transferring.

This service offers you with multilevel IVRs, automated helplines & telesites which proves effective in customising customer friendly IVRs and reducing call waiting & disconnections.

Impact of MCUBE’s Cloud Telephony Solutions on Cadabam’s Hospital

Mr Sandesh Cadabam was very clear and happy about the impacts of MCUBE’s Cloud Telephony Solution on the call management system of the hospital. An 80% decrease in missed inbound calls and significant 200% increase in the patient admission rate has been observed since Cadabam’s group has adopted MCUBE’s Cloud Telephony Services.

“I am pleased with all of the solutions, and it has eventually become a tradition to provide MCUBE logins with our company credentials to every new counsellor that joins our team. I have been a loyal clientele of MCUBE for a long time due to their strong and dedicated teamwork that takes responsibility for a problem and then resolves it anyhow.”