Education On Cloud (EOC) Accelerates Indoctrination of Knowledge Through MCUBE’s Complete Cloud-Based Telephony System

MCUBE Enables Improving & Imparting Education Online Along with Resolving Queries Instantly

Education On Cloud : An Introduction

Education On Cloud (EOC) is a pioneering initiative from Capital Computers International (CCI) that has created ripples in the traditional method of teaching pattern by introducing a wide range of professional courses and skill development programs accessible completely online to indigent students everywhere. Simplification of approach towards education was not enough for Education On Cloud which propagated a prerequisite for a unified communication system even at the very establishment of the platform in the year 2014. Since then, MCUBE has collaborated with EOC offering them a cost-effective and approachable mode of telecommunication that has incited upward learning growth.

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Education On Cloud’s Initial Requirements

The Education On Cloud platform promotes easy accessibility of learning to students but they also lacked an efficient communication structure that can help them to connect with students and guardians & vice versa. EOC came up to MCUBE with the following requirements: –

  1. Requirement of a Cohesive & Unified Interactive Voice Response (IVR) System.
  2. Constraint with Call Recording & Monitoring.
  3. Need For Improved Return on Investment.
  4. Requisite For No Cost Toll-Free Number for Customer Engagement.
  5. Necessity of Smooth Inbound & Outbound Connectivity Between Students & Tutors.
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Education On Cloud’s Initial Challenges

Based in a virtual world, branding canmean a lot to an educational institute while procuring new leads and enhancing engagement. What better way than rationalizing accessibility! EOC faced these initial challenges in call management before turning to MCUBE: –

  1. Complexity of Hardware and Call Management Setups.
  2. Obscurity in Systematic Call Routing.
  3. Complication with Lead Conversion Rates.
  4. Intricacy in Tracking & Monitoring Call Logs.
  5. Need for Connection of Call Tracker to CRM.

MCUBE’s Solutions for Education On Cloud

MCUBE offered the complete call management solution to Education On Cloud (EOC) with attributes that alleviated the learning process for students and imparted the education process on behave of EOC a much affluent & effortless method. EOC was presented with the following solutions: –

  1. Automated Helpline Service for Instant Query Resolution.
  2. Installation of Customized & Unified IVR System.
  3. Easy integration of CRM to call tracking & IVR.
  4. Inducing No Cost Inbound Call Facility for Students Through Use of Toll-Free Number.
  5. Provision for Click to Call Prompting calls with just one click.
  6. Decrease in missing out inbound calls of students.
  7. Increase in Lead Conversion Rates.
    Systematic Call Routing to Appropriate Desk.

MCUBE’s Services Used by EOC

1- MCUBE Track
4- Toll – Free Number
5- MCUBE Reports
“I have been taking the services from MCUBE for a long time and frankly the services like call monitoring, maintaining records and client report maintenance is what we required as an online education provider. MCUBE’s CRM panels are very simple and effective to use. The service is not only fabulous but the support is appreciable and commendable.”