GITM – An Overview / A Brief Introduction to GITM

Global Institute of Technology & Management (GITM) have been an archetype of learning, competitive perspicuity & comprehensive development for students pursuing academic excellence, value added curriculum, holistic intellectual enrichment & enhancing technical and managerial skills. Since its establishment in 2008, GITM has been recognized as one of the biggest & ‘A’ graded universities of Haryana by the National Assessment & Accreditation Council (NAAC).

Imparting high-tech & organizational knowledge alongside encouragement for world class infrastructure, GITM desired an equally advanced and sophisticated cloud-based call management operative who can complement with their criterions. This expediated a partnership between MCUBE and GITM for 2 years now inciting a learning and professional growth for both organisation.

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Initial Call Management Requirements & Challenges Faced by GITM

  1. Agents Missing Out on Inbound Calls.
  2. Setbacks in Inbound & Outbound Call Tracking.
  3. Loss of Sales and Potential Leads.
  4. Call Recording Inconveniences for Inbound & Outbound Services.
  5. Call Monitoring Crisis for Inbound & Outbound Calls.
  6. Diminished Customer Experience.
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 Resolutions offered by MCUBE

  1. Enabling Smooth Inbound & Outbound Call Solutions.
  2. Easy & Uniform Integration of CRM software to Cloud Telephony Platform.
  3. Addition of Automated Call Recording Feature to Inbound & Outbound Calls.
  4. Empowering Cost Reduction & Better Return on Investment.
  5. Administrating Call Monitoring & Analytics for Real-Time Data Perception.
  6. Improving the Efficiency of the Agents in Call Handling.
  7. Facilitating Automated Call Routing through Customer Inputs .
  8. Reduction in Missed Calls through Optimizing Operational Efficacy.

MCUBE Services Implemented By GITM

MCUBE TRACK – Offers Live Tracking of Calls, Well-organized Call Routing, Call Recording Features, CRM Integrations, and so on.

MCUBE X – Helps in Call Forwarding Solutions, Smart Integration of Inbound Calls to Preferred Devices, Extension Transfers, and so on.

MCUBE IVR – Extends Multi-Level IVR options, Automated Helplines, Invaluable Telesites, and so on.

LEAD MANAGEMENT – Deals in Potential Leads and Prospects, Sales Activity Tracking, Customization of Lead Assigning, and so on.

“MCUBE has helped us in tracking & monitoring the calls by which our admission percentage has increased along with efficiency of the workforce. The best part is the call recording that assists us in understanding the concerns of the students. We do not miss or skip any of the calls from students or parents improving our potential lead rate.” – Mr Ravinder Tokas, Chairman, GITM.