MCUBE’s Cloud-Based Call

The MCUBE’s cloud call center spurs the learning growth of Graphic Era University (GEU). Not only GEU, but this trend is extremely beneficial for educational institutions & EdTech companies where cost and responsiveness is at the heart of many purchasing decisions. Being cloud-based gives Graphic Era University (GEU) a definitive edge by eliminating the complexities of development and prohibitive costs of setting up and managing infrastructure.

Why Education Institution needs Robust Call Center solution:

By eliminating the need to purchase and install infrastructure, a public cloud delivery model can lower the entry barrier by transforming the expenditure on capital into operational expenditure. Educational institutions like GEU find it extremely helpful as the low running costs can help them achieve operational stability, scale up to handle more learners, and offer services at affordable costs.

Rest apart, the educational sector implements cloud-based solutions & digital platforms for lead generation and lead management to increase students’ admission. In the same way, MCUBE’s cloud call center helps educational institutions for lead generation and business development, boosts em¬ployee efficiency with lower operational cost & also promotes work from anywhere/anytime culture.


Requirements by GEU

The initial requirements of GEU from MCUBE were,

  1. Zero hardware & setup cost.
  2. Enablement of call center facility for the counselors working from different geographies.
  3. Improves operational efficiency and agents’ productivity.
  4. Supporting and improving the efficiency of the workforce to provide real-time agents’ reports and call recordings.
  5. Single sign-on seamless integration with their existing CRM.
  6. A system that holds a live call monitoring/tracking facility.

Solutions: This is how MCUBE is changing GEU’s business ecosystem.


MCUBE provides GEU, the Business Model Wings. It is the technology enabler that matches GEU’s every requirement. Rest apart, the window of opportunities it provides are: 

  • Improved caller satisfaction: MCUBE Call Centre Solution helped distribute leads from different sources and improved response time by routing the call to the right counselor. This saves the agent time.
  • Improved Counsellor productivity: By seamlessly integrating the solution with CRM application, GEU can handle inbound and outbound calls efficiently. This also enhances the customer experience.
  • Increased Revenue: Even during the pandemic, with MCUBE’s help; GEU can manage better admissions and thus create an impact on the revenue.
  • Lower costs: With zero upfront investment on infrastructure, PRI lines, and application management, MCUBE helps GEU to reduce the cost of technology.
  • Service Quality: Finally, GEU found a reliable technology partner in MCUBE to manage call center solutions.

Benefits of using Cloud Telephony in Real Estate Industry

  1. Features like IVRs, Toll Free Numbers, Autodialers, Lead Management, Support Management, etc. very helpful in providing broader exposure in market.
  2. Constant availability for callers through multi-level IVRs leading to zero lead loss.
  3. CRM integration helps agents in keeping track of customers helping in customer satisfaction level.
  4. Centralized virtual number supports coverage of huge geographical area boosting reach which is vital in real estate.
  5. Quality assurance of inbound and outbound calls through call recording and monitoring which helps in accumulating more pleased & aided customers.

Support! Why MCUBE’s cloud call center ought to be a part of all industries’ & sectors’ business strategies!

MCUBE significantly enhances business edge by increasing flexibility and efficient user experience in a cost-effective manner. Apart from this, the other support provided by MCUBE are: 

  • Instant feedback/resolution to queries.
  • Supportive team for business process re-engineering.

Creating a successful business roadmap is not about only the resources. It is about connecting hope with opportunity. Now, MCUBE’s cloud call center solution is gearing up to pivotally enable Generation Next in the education industry/sector; to proudly place an inclusive India on the digital superhighway.