About Client:

Masters Union is an edtech company that specializes in offering courses in Business Management, User experience design, Human Resources Management, and much more.

Client challenges:

Masters Union found it quite tedious to track employee performance, hampering the reputation of their business. They found it difficult in ensuring admission representatives were polite and professional.

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  • Masters Unions had the requirement of call management which helps the company in generating leads for their business.
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  • The second requirement was call tracking. Most of their agents wanted to know how their call proceedings went on. Hence, a call tracking system is one of the main requirements of Masters Union.
  • Lastly, they needed a call recording feature – inbound and outbound. This facility is one of the main services of MCUBE which they acquired and utilizing it quite well.

Solutions offered by MCUBE:

MCUBE provided Masters Union with new Toll-free numbers for their business, helping them to make and track calls seamlessly. The MCUBE team helped Masters Union on ways to handle the MCUBE dashboard and its software mechanisms.


MCUBE provided blistering results for Masters Union. From monitoring to maintaining call records, all the required facilities were provided to Masters Union. Overview, the client had a great time working with MCUBE.