Nyati Group Required A Central Tracking Number For Cloud Telephony Solutions

MCUBE’s cloud solution was much needed because of its security, scalability,connectivity,implementation, up-gradation which are the perceived bottlenecks.

It has been 1997, Nyati Group pioneered Pune’s Real Estate Scenario for more than two decades. With 10000 happy clients, Nyati group embraced a new beginning with MCUBE to make another New Reality!

The additional requirements from MCUBE for Nyati Group were:


1- Improved ROI.
2- Increased conversion rates.
3- Connecting call tracking to customer
4- relationship management (CRM).
5- Enhanced customer experience.

niyati grp img 1 | MCUBE


The main challenges Nyati Group faced is tracking the data and recording. The additional challenges associated with it are:

  • The obstacle of having a higher conversion rate.
  • The obstacle to optimizing operational efficiency.
  • The obstacle to having real-time data insight.

Solution provided by MCUBE

MCUBE provided the virtual number with source tracking and recording of calls. MCUBE’s powerful telephony tool went a long way! The additional solutions It provided are:

  • Lower chances of missing calls.
  • Seamless integration with CRM.
  • Improved monitoring and performance.
  • Allows you to get multiple phone numbers at a lower price.
  • Perfect for customization.
  • Allows for a smoother remote work setup.
  • Easy to set up and use.

MCUBE Product: Time for a quantum leap

MCUBE’s inbound and outbound telephony services are the Dark Horse in the enterprise technology domain. As a way forward into the “Next to Normal” stage, organizations will stay focused on the existing customer base by maintaining high customer engagement through empathic, purpose.

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