How cloud telephony in healthcare industry can ease communication barriers

How cloud telephony in healthcare industry can ease communication barriers

Health is the most vital aspect of our existence. Physical fitness is not the only criteria for being healthy. The wellbeing of an individual depends on all the health types such as physical, mental, spiritual, emotional, social, and financial health, all these types contribute to overall health, not just physical fitness. 

According to WHO health is defined as a state of complete wellbeing of a person be social, mental, and physical aspects and not merely the absence of disease. But facilitating access to healthcare is equally important in order to preserve or improve the health of the individual.

The healthcare industry also called the medical industry. It can be broadly classified into four sub-segments namely:

    • Health care services and facilities.
    • Medical devices, equipment, and hospital supplies manufacturers.
    • Medical insurance, medical services, and managed care.
    • Pharmaceuticals & Related Segments.

Even this large industry working at its place, a large portion of the population is vulnerable and not able to access adequate health care. Some of the obstacles to patient care access are limited availability of healthcare professionals, geographical barriers, transportation barriers, limited knowledge of healthcare options. One of the reasons for the obstacles and non-accessibility of the healthcare industry is the communication problem in the healthcare sector.

Furthermore, with this health care sector has a large number of sub-sectors and the subsequent workforce it is imperative large and the intricate network comprises healthcare providers, patients, third-party service providers, and insurance carriers, and many more. Now effective communication with these many sub-sects, patients, the professional is a complex process and as time goes by the healthcare system may pose challenges ineffective communication among staff and patients.

Inefficient communication may result in the sub-par quality of care. This Subpar communication may result in many adverse effects, such as Medical errors, Long waiting time, delayed, or expensive treatment, Incomplete follow-ups, inappropriate treatment recommendations, Improper handling of medical data, and much more.

There is a great deal of caution to be exercised while taking care of patients, therefore it is inventible that effective communication systems powered with the latest technologies must be employed in order to save lives. The use of a cloud-based communication platform i.e. cloud telephony solution will turn out to be highly effective in tackling the communication barrier both inside and outside of the medical industry. Cloud telephony in healthcare industry can help to bridge the communication gap.

Let us see how cloud telephony in healthcare industry can help to improve their communication strategy

IVR support

In any healthcare organization, multiple functional departments such as emergency, pharmacy, security, and many others, receiving each call and then transferring to their respective department is time consuming and hectic process. As hospitals, diagnostics, multi-specialty clinics have huge call traffic, you might need to have a dedicated employee for receiving the call. With cloud telephony’s IVR guidance, a call can navigate himself to the respective department or the concerned person directly by pressing predetermined options on the dial pad. With smart routing, you can even transfer the call to a different department for further clarification or query solving.

You can even enable scheduling appointments with the doctor by using IVR support channels with CRM integration.

Follow up reminder/ outbound reminder campaign

You can even set up an automated reminder call or send an SMS reminder for the patient for their next appointments. This will establish the credibility of the healthcare institution for taking good care of their patients.

You can when make outbound calls letting know doctor’s availability, collecting his reports, and much more.

Track patient data

Keep track of a patient’s progress and medication prescription, tests conducted, their results by integrating cloud telephony with healthcare CRM software in a single dashboard.

Feedback updation

An outbound solution Helps the healthcare sector to gather real-time feedback and suggestions to understand patient requirements.

Missed call campaign

As many healthcare institutions organize donation camps, free check-ups, and so on. In order to make these initiatives effective, institutions can run miscall marketing campaigns to bring in a large number of people for their cause.

To summarize,

Saving lives is not an easy task and a stressful job for sure, let cloud telephony take some burdens off your healthcare industry shoulders while you focus on providing exceptional care and services. Cloud telephony offers a sustainable communication solution for the healthcare sector by making communication much smoother and simplified. Undoubtedly you still have some questions, our support team is always at your service to solve your quires. To know more about how cloud telephony in the healthcare sector can make a considerable impact, contact us at social@mcube.com or visit our website www.mcube.com.

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