MCUBE Organized Event to Honors Long-Standing Employees for 10 and 5 Year Milestones

Bangalore, Karnataka, 26th May, 2023 : Success comes to those with exceptional dedication and commitment to bringing change to an organization. And our employees have delivered the same, surpassing what it means to become successful.

The event became a spectacle, with our employees in different cities attending virtually. The awardees shared their experiences and thoughts regarding their tenure in MCUBE. Some of their opinions were insightful, whereas others were thought-provoking. This brings a collection of ideas to the table, with every event participant feeling proud of being a part of a great organization.


Our Directors, too, joined in to share their experiences working with the champions, motivating them to perform more than their potential. Gaining exposure with expertise from our directors, our employees proved to be a metal in forming a workforce of talent. With our employees relentless urge to achieve greatness, MCUBE feels proud to be among these super-efficient individuals. Shortly, these employees will become role models for people joining MCUBE in the future.

We are short of words in appreciating these hard-working employees. Coming this far isn’t a walk in the park; they had to overcome obstacles which acted as a wall behind them in preventing a focus-driven approach. Moving ahead, we look forward to becoming one of the best cloud telephony companies in the world. As the saying goes, the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, these steps inspire us to go that extra mile in achieving excellence.

Last but certainly not least, we thank our respected clients, without whom MCUBE wouldn’t have come this far.

Let’s join together to advance to the next level of success.