Introduction to

Softphone Solution

A Warm-up to Our Softphone Solution

MCUBE’s Softphone Service empowers you to make your business calls through the system itself.

Get all your Inbound & Outbound Calls straight to your system and take your calls directly from your device & remove the burden of adding a hardware phone system for receiving or calling.

Why Does Your Business Need Softphone?

Softphone Solution eliminates the requirement of hardware phone device to take calls which benefits immensely towards the connectivity factor of any organisation for all it’s business telecommunications.

Some of the other advantages of installing Softphone Service are:


  1.  Minimal Installation Requirements
  2.  Boosted Return on Investments
  3.  Reduced Connectivity Problems for Agents
  4.  Improved Call Quality
  5.  Enhanced Remote Accessibility
  6.  Maximised Cost Effectiveness

How Can you Access MCUBE’s Softphone Solution?

Do u want to upgrade your business communication facilities to Softphone? You can do that in just 3 simple steps

  1.  Download & Install OpenVPN
  2.  Download & Install Linphone
  3.  Through Log In Credentials

We are always here to help you understand all about the service and take your business connectivity to new heights.

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