Benefits of Cloud Telephony and CRM Integration

February 16, 2021
Cloud Telephony

Communication is the life blood of any company. In today’s competitive world, offering seamless customer experiences and multiple communications options, including phone, email, instant messaging, text, and social platforms, is crucial. Using traditional methods, managing customers’ details from all these platforms in real-time becomes difficult. A CRM is Customer’s Relationship Management software that can help bring customers details from different platforms in one place. While answering customers queries, employees need to balance between phone and CRM to access detailed customer information. Therefore, it becomes necessary for phones and CRM to work together.

With Cloud telephony and CRM integration, the entire communication process is streamlined where you can co-relate your customer’s data with your calls simultaneously.

CRM system provides a platform to manage, track, and organize the company’s interaction with existing clients, business partners, agents, and other contacts to improve customer relationships and retention, increase sales and revenue, automate outreach processes, tasks, and more.

Benefits of the cloud telephony and CRM integration – 

Create an Omni-channel experience with multi-channel support View all your customer’s engagement from different platforms like email, social media, phone, live chat, & SMS on one screen. As every interaction is essential, the database will offer valuable insight to the next caller and shed light on how the potential lead improves customer satisfaction across the board.

Get automatic call logging –

Get whole customer interaction history, merge call logs and call history with customer profiles, view all your phone conversations, schedule tasks, add notes, make appointments, make calls, and decision-making, comment to speed problem-solving.

An effective bridge between Marketing and sales – 

As sales and marketing run hand in hand, they play an essential role in customer interaction. The marketing department can analyze customer behavior and create promotional campaign strategies with CRM data. Cloud telephony CRM integrated calling offers valuable insights for assessing the effectiveness of different techniques and makes room for a unique marketing approach. The sales team can see customers reactions and develop their interaction strategy.

Single-click dialing

Single-click dialing allows you to make calls directly from the CRM while displaying critical information about the prospect/lead/customer. It offers all the details of previous interactions data like the most suitable time to reach them, records created by other agents, past purchases & quires, call recordings and more to create better customer’s satisfaction.

In Conclusion – 

Providing your team with CRM and cloud telephony integration will let them stay at the peak of their game and unleashes new productivity & business analytics potential. Future proof your business with a cloud-based CRM cloud telephony integration that keeps pace with your changing business requirements.


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