Cloud Telephony And Its Impact On Cross Cultural Business Communication

October 1, 2021
Cloud Telephony

The journey of cross-culture in business started with the period!

Globalization is not a word from today’s dictionary; it started in our country with the turndown of history when exporting in business first started with Sumatra. Java, Borneo, and at that time, it was limited to rice, crop, and gemstones export. It was the time before the Vasco-da-Gama and other invaders, mainly British in India, the business territory expanded beyond the domestic verticals with the amalgamation of diverse cultures from different countries and from that far back past, the cross-cultural business communication started in the domestic territory which is now in a running highway.

The cross-culture is not a still standpoint! 

The first welcome factor of any business or marketing arena is a hybrid culture, be it the software export industry, textile, manufacturing, e-commerce, retail, healthcare, hospitality, or any other industry. Culture does not belong to a single palm or a cubical sphere. It is always cross-culture, and communication can turn into a phenomenon without correctly understanding cultural diversity. Culture plays a vital role in the lens of more diversification into the international marketing landscape. Aligning culture sometimes becomes a factor in being out of a mixed identity table. Where the French take pride in their heritage and maintenance of their inheritance like two liners from their origin, aesthetic on the table of a formal meeting is their tradition, the USA believes in strong individualism, and prolonged eye contact is a sin in Japan, Saudi Arabia still hold a sanctuary for ladies in business… without proper understanding of cultural diversity; it is impossible to establish a cultural belonging in an ever-evolving, ever-changing platform.

Standing at a crossroad: Culture on Cloud is not a mere cross-work! 

Cloud adopts the cultural steroids with a radiant X-ray or led light of reality. It is a tiny world where every belief- system may individually belong. Still, it is the finest and foremost thing of cloud telephony that it gives attention to every consumer’s need, choice, identity, and confidence to bestow unique experience. It is not just the consumers; rather, it goes through all the workforce, workforce, stakeholders, or shareholders. Adopting the cloud in a massive marketplace equals evolving acceleration. Every acceleration supports the mixed identity or hybrid culture, but not supporting a moving pace by strong cultural individualism means it will be out of the mixed identities. Thus, cloud telephony is a constantly modifying, learning, and modified runway to turn ‘The other words’ into strength.

Living on the Edge: This is how Cloud Telephony work! 

The ringing of lockdown spares with the rise of AI. The hands of AI helped furnish multiple surgeries to people who needed them. It was the time cloud turned as a good to have to must to lift the spirit of COVID attacked dying dynasty. The year 2020 was the time of the rising growth of cloud telephony, where the cultural hemisphere does not matter with an existential crisis. It was the best of times or the worst when a turnaround occurred, crossing the barrier of cultural breakthrough, language, choice, and activity. This was the Time cloud, and especially cloud telephony, took a rebirth. Earlier it was articulated in the IT landscape; 2020 was the period in which cloud telephony works as a unified digital communication to a cross-cultural world within a cross-cultural segment, crossing beyond the cultural dilemma, adopting a multicultural identity for multi-millions fight for survival crisis. It was a period lightening the survival of life, business, economy, and the only significant thing cloud offered that survival is art too. Survival is not a mere word with or without a period of crisis or dilemma, and it’s exquisite. Within the survival of the sphere of the same database, multiple databases form a generation or re-generation, crossing the limitation of demography, psychographic, political, and legal chance factors, crossing the cross-cultural or amalgamation of multicultural identities, a unified cultural sphere with the unified digital fabric.

The other speciality that cloud telephony offers is not the communication lifeblood. Cloud telephony solutions, with its features like call recording, tracking, analysis to pinpoint the clients’ needs, highlights the same unified digital fabric where business relies upon without fabrication or fabricated identity. It is not identifying the right product or experience that the new normal adopts what a business world wants; the next normal phase is what the business world needs. There will be changes in nature in business, marketplace, industry chain, industry-chain diversification, inventories, inventory control, supply chain, supply chain management, GDP rate turnover, downfall or rising of the foreign exchange rate, the rise of marketing, banking, or Interbank financial transactions; the cross-cultural amalgamation or concoction will have a breakthrough in a cross-cultural world and with the IVRScall tracking, reporting, analytics or every push-up button; cloud telephony will remain in the changing skyline within a multicultural hemisphere.


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