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Features of Cloud Contact Center Solutions

September 3, 2021

Once, when Cloud Telephony was an alien term; The most common response was like, “Oh! It’s like cloud computing.” And there was an alternate explanation: “It’s just like an IVR systemThis was the response that was understood by everyone immediately as IVR is the only technology associated with the phone call. People get accustomed to Press 1 for speaking with the sales department, press 2 for talking with the support department. Because of this, cloud telephony was hosted only through a ‘Cloud PBX” system. There was no need to think ‘out of the box since the business requirement is straightforward.

But after that, with the “Uberization” of business, tracking the voice communication gets focused substantially. It transformed as a sure-fire way to dispute-free monetization of business. As a result of phase 1, a contact center for support was inevitable for the most common uses of cloud telephony. Today, the Internet on Things is at one end of the evaluated spectrum; cloud telephony is extensively used as a “carrier” communication medium. Start-ups, surprisingly, are the early adopters of this technology, not just for being tech-friendly. Still, cloud telephony service in India is a pocket-friendly solution ideal for a start-up to use.

Apart from this, more acute benefits make a cloud contact center solution attractive to many organizations’ eyes, such as Missed call solutions, Call tracking solutions, and reliable business intelligence solutions with the analytic report.

The key features that attract customers to cloud contact center solutions are,

1. It is supporting an ever-changing business model
2. Supportive innovation
3. Efficiency and productivity
4. Data and Insight mixed with AI to drive business decisions.


  1. It is supportive of an ever-changing business model:- This kind of “Timeless Aesthetic” for any organization keeps business continuity amidst work from home. Cloud telephony is a digital revolution that can be a boon for retail, healthcare, or any industry to shift the business level to the New Normal and Next to Normal. One of the beauties of cloud call center is that it is very interactive that helps consumers and increases sales. But it is not just boosting sales, lead generation, or providing business intelligence or analytical reports; today, the cloud is creating a culture of innovation, learning, and equality and focusing on the wellbeing of employees. The same applies for the cloud contact center; it is not doing back-end work, it is about front-ending in client-facing roles.”
  1. Supportive Innovation:- Innovation has been a great differentiator for everyone to develop the business as well as workforce or employees. The cloud call center and AI-based technology are now available on phones, laptops, and tablets. A rich, connected learning experience is provided across many people that can solve business problems.
  1. Efficiency and productivity:-  Adopting a cloud contact center in India is just not about increasing efficiency and productivity. Instead, it is different. The cloud strategy and roadmap are a direction from which organizations can gain clarity from complexity, optimize ROI from technology investments, simplify and secure journeys to digital transformation.
  1. Data and Insight mixed with AI to drive business decision:-  It is not just the emergence of modern technology; the pandemic has necessitated the adoption of cloud-based services with the mix of AI. The innovative technology drives the business decision and improves the service provided to clients, develops the employees to upgrade their skills continuously, and a robust learning and development program in an employee enterprise. Cloud is the one reason today lots of clients are undergoing a digital transformation journey that is accelerating.  Adopting cloud call center empowers the workforce and clients/partners with the latest technologies and trends. It is all about the transition from traditional IT and managed services to the cloud. It is all about leading-edge technology that has been a business and cultural fit.




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