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The Benefits of Cloud Telephony for Remote Workers

September 13, 2021

Nowadays, remote working has become the norm, video conferences replacing physical meetings, and the network has experienced a new demand level. As we head into 2021, everyday experience is becoming digital. That has led to a quick rise in telecommunication services, creating an immediate need for video conferencing, VPNs, and cloud telephony. Remote work also makes new requirements for ease of use, like using phones more than laptops.

Cloud Telephony is a springboard to bounce back towards its growth!

Cloud telephony system is similar to the technology that can be scaled to any industry at 100X level. Organizations use automation, technology-based forecasting, and digitization; business continuity demands massive growth in accelerating the digital journey towards digital transformation. There is a need for agility. It is the anywhere and anytime Clients  and those businesses should be responding to.

The supply chain visibility is the very potent enabler in the whole process. The significant advantages offered by cloud telephony for remote work solutions are

Cost – effective

It can enable significant costs saving for your businesses. It eliminates the infrastructural cost, set up charges as well maintenances of the price.

24*7 service 

It helps you to be connected with your customers by serving 24*7 services.

It manages performances remotely.

Cloud telephony provides 360-degree employee monitoring with BI report. You will get analyzed the status of productivity, efficiency, and focus.

It’s scalable

The cloud telephony systems are scalable and adaptive to serve with strategic plans and make businesses decisions for the long term.

Seamless integration

With the seamless integration with cloud telephony, users can make and receive calls directly from a web browser. It will be able to obtain details automatically regarding the caller.

Increased productivity

A cloud-based system upgrades remote workforce productivity. It holds much control over communications, delivers greater efficiency and better ROI. It can increase productivity with CRM tools, direct messages, emails, voice, and video conferences.

Better data security

Cloud telephony provides the most advanced and most secure data security protocols.

1. Better visibility for day-to-day operations

 It captures the operational data like call volumes, the channel of inbound calls, response times of agents, etc.

2. Accessible from any time, anywhere

 Cloud telephony provides you with the option to work from any place, anytime.

The accelerating advantage of adopting cloud telephony is its actionable business knowledge with data. It serves to take the customers to the right choice based on the accurate data of their business. This service is the key enabler to bring digital innovation within a range of companies of all -sizes and industries.




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