How does the concept of Cloud Telephony Work

September 14, 2021
Cloud Telephony

Today cloud telephony is growing at the rate of 27% a year with the improving internet infrastructure. The industry has switched over to cloud telephony because of its ease of use, low price, and minimal downtime. Organizations also see tangible advantages from enhancing enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems and embracing innovative high-level technologies like AI and blockchain.

Today the theory of cloud telephony provides a sea of opportunities for industry entrepreneurs. The directors of companies always look for a system that delivers benefits to customers, scales massively, and generates revenue as soon as possible. Each organization knows that technology is an essential part of its growth, and it is the most common manageable and reliable resource. Cloud telephony is the most superior technology in use today, amongst other modern technologies.

The main reasons for which the concept of cloud telephony gets massive adoption are:

  • Quick and Easy Installation
  • Easily Scalable
  • Affordable
  • Every call can be recorded and monitored.
  • Data is globally accessible from anywhere.
  • The cloud uses AI.

Apart from this, cloud telephony holds immense potential for developing countries like India. With the increased awareness about cloud technology and the growing number of start-ups, most businesses are shifted towards cloud telephony for efficient call management and business communication.

As per the current scenario, a business must reach its audiences beyond the city. The key features of cloud telephony, such as “toll-free number” and virtual number, have transformed businesses more accessible to customers. Companies need to have a purpose of contact for their customers, and at the same time, handle multiple calls. The innovative concept of cloud telephony brings so many services such as:

  • Phone number masking
  • Customer- connect.
  • Lead Management for marketplace
  • Call centre software
  • IVRS
  • Sending bulk SMS and voice message
  • Call forwarding, conferencing, and various other facilities.

Crisis, Corona and beyond

While the pandemic forces organizations to go digital in a big way, the new standard will be more virtual, dynamic, and telecom driven. The world is now heading for trillions of IoTs, and its telecom, the new catalyst of India’s economic growth. Today, powering the cloud is connecting Digital India.


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