IVR Solution for Hospitality Industry to Improve Customer Engagement

November 10, 2021
IVR Solution

Hospitality itself means welcoming and caring for others. When it comes to the hospitality industries, the world has always seen constant growth and development in all of its sectors, including travel & tourism, accommodation, food & beverages, etc. Along with the advancement of technology, the hospitality industry has evolved into one sustainable and elegant business model, branching out more opportunities and customer satisfaction each day. Technological solutions like voice search augmented reality, interactive voice response systems, artificial intelligence, etc., have created a comfortable bridge between the customer and the hospitality industry.

Talking about interactive voice response systems and their significance in the hospitality business, we can safely say that communicating with your customer has never been easier than it has become with the introduction of IVR software. IVR solutions and hospitality are about understanding the customer’s needs and providing them with the best possible services. As it is rightly said that genuine hospitality consists of giving the best of yourself to your guests. similarly, the IVR software system also offers the best solutions to your queries after analyzing your problem and statistically enabling the customer to either get the perfect resolution by voice recognition/ keypad selection or transferring the call to the correct department or personnel.

IVR software solutions often opt-in to all the hospitality business sectors because the priority of the entire industry mainly focuses on engaging the maximum number of customers and creating a unique and superior business brand that can present a better experience for the client. So, while choosing IVR solutions, it’s confirming that the customers are getting instant help without feeling exhausted, getting more choices for resolution, getting specified departments rather than being transferred from person to person, and getting a smooth transition from being angry to being happy.

Let’s check out a few pointers that will clarify the IVR solutions that help the hospitality industry improve customer engagement and satisfaction.

1. Instant Booking & Reservation –

May it be booking a room for a hotel, booking a flight or train for a journey, or simply making a reservation at your favourite restaurant can become a nightmare if the customer is obliged to wait or deal with someone who doesn’t understand their need. But when an IVR system is introduced between an agent and a customer, the booking becomes customized even before reaching the agent, and the customers’ requirements are filtered and sorted. This helps in time management and customer satisfaction and eventually leads to a better accord between the client and the company.

2. Uninterrupted Business Conveniences –

Human resources in any organization are prone to taking breaks, holidays, or vacations, which can sometimes hamper the business by interrupting customer service. IVR solutions can be deemed entirely responsible and constant in this matter. As IVRs are automated interactive communication systems and use pre-recorded greetings and menu options, the customers get seamless and impeccable service without waiting or human dependency.

3. Fast & Efficient Payment Transactions –

The essential part of any travel or accommodation, or food service is the payment part. Manual payment systems or payment in cash is a hectic process in itself. A customer must be present in person or wait a long to process a cash transaction. Even if the online payment methods have immediate transactions, sometimes the acknowledgements get messed up, and it can become the subject of suffering on behalf of the customer. But with IVR solutions, payments can be made with simple touch tones or voice activations. Also, it’s easier to guide the customer to directly go for the payment option in the IVR solutions after hearing the offers from the agent rather than making them go for website or cash transactions. The risk of losing customers can be higher in case they are doing payment transactions.

4. Dynamic Surveys and Feedbacks –

Customer feedback and their notion about the company and its front-end services are the most vital part of the growth and development of any business. When a customer goes through the IVR solutions to solve their problem, the IVR customizes the details entered by the customer with the proper settings & records the details. So, if the company wants, the IVR system can provide short surveys to the customer after each service and get feedback for the service, the company, and the agents. This helps business owners to understand where the problems are and where the arrangements work best.

5. Customization of assistance and experience –

Most of the hospitality industry depends on repeat customers, and IVR solutions can be excellent in maintaining good relations with them. Setting up the IVRs to send outbound calls or messages for special days like birthdays or anniversaries of the customer gives a personal touch to the company’s involvement with their customers, and it is pretty easy to be done as the IVR already keeps the information of the client. This can make them feel comfortable and exclusive at the same time.


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