Reimagining Business With Cloud Telephony

October 28, 2021
Cloud Telephony

Cloud telephony is based under the cloud platform, where it deals with the customer quickly and has a great way where customers are not disappointed at any chance. Imagine you call two businesses— one that plays a professional welcome message and immediately guides you to the department you’d like to speak to. And the other one that is hard to reach makes you wait and then be attended by an overworked person who asks you which department you’d like to speak to. Then you ricochet among the departments until you find the right one.

Cloud telephony regenerates the business from traditional methods to technological ones with cost-efficiency. Yes, you correctly heard meagre cost with cloud telephony services includes IVR softwareToll-free numbersvirtual numbers, missed call services, voice broadcasting, etc. Cloud-based communications are now the default for organizations, whether small or large. Cloud telephony helps to do work from a remote location at any time. This rescued the customers from retaining the company instead of a hybrid. This type of work ensures maximum productivity and running the business smoothly without affecting the organization and staff.

Why are businesses moving to the cloud? 

Cloud telephony, by nature, has a ton of capabilities that fit the exact needs of businesses:

Increases flexibility:-

Remote work has increased like never before. Cloud telephony solutions allow your employees to take their work mobile. Any device with a stable Internet connection with the cloud telephony app installed can address your concern. Moreover, the business can also cut down on the expenditure due to desktops.

Real-time Analytics:-

With access to call recording, easy transfers and detailed analytics, staff can use the phone system to be more productive and collaborative. They’ll have the tools to manage calls easily and ensure clients are speaking to the right people.

Productivity is boosted by sophisticated call funnelling, and staff won’t need to frantically search the office looking for the person required on a call. At the same time, the client waits impatiently on the other end of the line with an issue. Cloud telephony features empower your baseline automation that simplifies business by turning manual work into automated workflows.

Personalized Customer Experience:-

Remember when you went to your favourite restaurant, and their employee greeted you by name and remembered your earlier orders? Didn’t it feel great to be recognized and valued via your go-to-restaurant? Yes! A little touch of personalization can have magical consequences for everyone- your employees, customers, and the business.

When you share a personalized message with your customers, they are impressed. This humble gesture reveals that your business is ready to understand their needs and give them the attention they deserve.

A positive customer experience is essential if you’re targeting a greater return on your communications investments. And to do this, there is no better way than adopting the cloud telephony system. With cloud telephony features, businesses can quicken customer responsiveness and that too effectively. So, grab these lucrative solutions soon and reach your customers before your competition does.

Automatically Route Calls:-

Using these call routing strategies, your business can save on missed or dropped calls, wrong transfers, and wasted time. Instead, callers will quickly reach the right agent or department, leading to better customer service and call resolution.

Your employees can instantly answer customer calls by transferring calls immediately to the correct department and the right agent. Furthermore, you can even give users the ability to leave a voicemail or offer a call-back option during high-call traffic periods. It ensures that callers will not abandon their call before speaking with an agent.

Customer Service Automation:-

Several studies have predicted that this point will automate about 80% of customer service contact in time, and it’s no wonder why. Automated customer service enables customers to solve their more straightforward questions and issues without human interaction, whether they call and use your interactive voice response menu or a chatbot on your website. Automated support can save time, resources, and money for business growth while giving your customers a first-rate service experience.

Dynamic Scaling:-

Many cloud technologies available today support dynamically scaling out and back computing services. The dynamic scaling methodology improves the performance of the extensive data system significantly. With the cloud, you remove the limit to the physical size of your server environment, allowing you to start small and support the growth of your business over time – without any interruption in your business flow or expensive, unplanned changes.


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