The Significance of Cloud Telephony Solution in Educational Industry

May 26, 2022
Cloud Telephony

Education and gaining knowledge are the foundation on which society flourishes. According to revolutionary & political leader Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela, “Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world.” The present era dictates phenomenal up-gradation, modifications, and transformations in the educational sector to cope with the technological advances and benefit all the patrons, including students, parents, educational institutes, etc., involved. Cloud telephony solution offer the opportunity, prospect, and sustenance to the education sector required for establishing an operative and significant mode of imparting education.

Need for Cloud Telephony Solution to Enhance Learning Process :-

In the age of E-learning, education is no more confined to closed classrooms, long waiting periods for results, inaccessibility of proper faculty, or decorous administrations for assistance. There is no denying that communication is the fundamental construct of the educational sector. Whether the actual classroom session, facilitating information to parents, or interaction between the administration and students, cloud telephony presents clear and transparent communication. Most educational institutes operate with a handful of faculty and staff members to coordinate hundreds and thousands of students. During admissions, results declarations, certifications, etc., handling calls from just a fraction of the entire student body can become overwhelming using the traditional PBX connectivity for the administration.

However, a cloud call management solution provides the ability to uphold and manage the complete communication infrastructure in the cloud whilst smartphones, computers, tablets, etc., allow users to access all the services from anywhere without the headache of installing extra equipment and hardware. With services like click-to-call, interactive voice response systems, call monitoring, toll-free numbers, missed call service, support management, Autodialer, call analysis, user-friendly dashboards for lead generation and analytics, etc., cloud telephony becomes the ultimate choice for the educational sector. Apart from being cost-effective and scalable, given below are some pointers that provide insight into how cloud telephony contributes significantly toward an ameliorated and enriched educational institute.

Implementation of Personalized Learning :–

The education sphere has updated its way of teaching in the post-pandemic age. Personalized learning through counselling and home tutoring ordains seamless communication channels. Using the call recording feature, pausing and resuming conversations as per requirement for understanding the interactions becomes extremely easy. By exercising add-on features like bulk SMS, students can be updated about exams and schedules without difficulty.

Simplified Communication to Stakeholders :–

Cloud telephony allows comprehensive integration with CRM platforms that provide a centralized database centre where information regarding all the stakeholders can be accessible and clear and transparent communication can be effortlessly established.

Empowering Consolidating Reports & Data :–

Call analytics is one of the best features of cloud telephony solution which offers detailed monitoring of all the inbound and outbound calls that have been routed from all of your specified marketing campaigns. The analyzed reports and data can be used to enhance the lead generation process, preparing for admission rushes, course finalizations, enrolments, and much more.

Instant Accessibility to Educational Resources :–

One of the major problems of distance education is the accessibility of resources like a scoreboard, keeping track of scheduled classes and examinations, getting registration numbers and admit cards, etc. But with an interactive voice response system and SMS alerts, both parents and students can have instant accessibility and approachability to their requirements.

Ensuring Widened Reachability to Students:–

No matter where the student is, the institute can ensure reachability with cloud telephony features like toll-free numbers and autodialers. Toll-free numbers enable students to call the institute without incurring extra charges, and autodialers provide the institute with quality leads that are genuinely interested in getting admitted to the institute.

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