Top 5 Solutions for Using Hosted IVR Service Providers to Accelerate the Tourism & Hospitality Industry

June 26, 2024

Most people love traveling, and every tourist wants the best experience in their journey. That comes from a location and hospitality industry. The tourism and hospitality industry is relying on seamless communication and the best method of customer service. In the world of technology advancement, customer experience is the essential key for any business. For better and simplified communication Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system now become very essential tool, it offers Hosted IVR service providers provide versatile, scalable, and cost-efficient solutions that can boost operations in the tourism and hospitality industry.

First, Understand What is Interactive Voice Response System (IVR)?

Interactive voice response system (IVR) is a feature that automates any business phone setup. It offers a variety of information for callers to communicate with and provides menu options, keypad response, or voice response.

IVR system enhances the customer experience by allowing them to access answers to their questions like travel and booking-related information or queries, reservation, billing information, modification in hospitality preferences, feedback and suggestions, and customer service, etc.

Here the top five approaches hosted IVR solutions can enhance the hospitality and tourism industry.

1- Promoting Customer Service with Automated Feedback:

24/7 Service Availability:

An automated IVR system can easily manage frequently asked inquiries, offering necessary information and route calls to the appropriate agents or departments. Hosted IVR system to make sure all queries are answered 24/7. So tourists might often need some assistance outside the office or business hours, especially when traveling in different time zones. It ensures that the hosted IVR system helps them whenever they need assistance. 24/7 Service Availability

Multilanguage Support:

There are many countries and many states, tourists come from different ethnic and cultural backgrounds. A hosted IVR service providers can customize to provide multi-language assistance, enabling customers to communicate with their preferred language. The hosted IVR feature significantly improves the customer experience, making it accessible for international tourists to take advantage of information and services.

2- Automation of Booking and Reservation Operations:

Automated Trip and Hotel Reservation:

If a tourist or traveler wants to pre-book or reserve any accommodation, the IVR system has the capability to manage booking and reservation requests automatically. This is the major benefit of a hosted IVR system. Whether customers or tourists want to book a hotel room, book a cab, reserve a restaurant table, etc, IVR can assist customers effortlessly through the booking journey with automation. It improves the operational efficiency and reduces the error.

Instant Alerts:

Customers can access quick updates and notifications of their booking, cancellation, or alteration, improving overall efficiency and satisfaction. Hosted IVR systems can seamlessly integrate with existing databases and offer updated information on availability. It ensures that businesses effectively manage their reservations and booking.

3- Helping to Create Personalized Customer Services:

Personalized Engagement:

IVR system provides personalized communication that depends on customer needs and experiences. For example, most visited guests at hotels are able to be greeted by their name and provide personalized choices based on their previous booking. This kind of personalization can help to increase loyalty and customer experience.

Offer Loyalty Programs:

Engage your customers with personalized loyalty programs, and allow them to check their reward balance, redeem bonus points, and receive some limited-time offers through an automated menu. IVR system is capable of managing loyalty programs and that will help to encourage to continue to choose the service and enhance the experience.

4- Utilizing the Right Resource:

Optimized Call Routing:

It can easily route the calls to the relevant departments based on the purpose of the queries. So customers can receive real-time assistance from the right agents, and trim down the long wait times. Overall this can boost customer confidence and they can be sure about the right information and destination.

Improved Workforce Management:

IVR system can free up your employees to concentrate on important operational tasks by automating routine tasks. This allows tourism and hospitality businesses to run smoothly by optimizing human resources. It can also reduce labor costs and boost service quality.

5- Collect Customer Insights and Their Feedback:

Automated Surveys:

Automated customer satisfaction surveys based upon interactions as collected through hosted IVR systems. During the survey process, feedback in every aspect of booking experience and hospitality up to the service provided. The feedback can be analyzed and that helps businesses find improvement areas and make data driven decisions.

Analysis of Collected Data:

Data obtained from the IVR uses can be analyzed to know more about how customers behave and their preferences. Develop marketing strategies, service upgrades, and business planning using this data. Because your business can better cater to the market requirements as it is aware of what customers want and what is currently trending.


The tourism and hospitality sector is continuously evolving, and therefore deeper communication and great customer service by hosted IVR service providers can provide requirements for every business communication. A hosted IVR solution is a formidable weapon that has the capability to bring the service levels in a contact center up to the mark and also to enrich the overall customer experience at a very cost-effective price. Continuously working for you saving 24/7 customer service, feedback automation, automation process on booking and reservations, real-time answers to Stock Ion, integration of best performances as per customer needs and last but not an end continuous survey of your valuable customers giving you an unlimited scope of resource utilization. Together these capabilities shape operational excellence & customer loyalty which are the key to the success of tourism and hospitality businesses in a high competitive tourism landscape.

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